Didn’t mean to disappear…

Life has been busy with jury duty, lack of time, being rained on incessantly, etc.  You know… LIFE.  I have managed to cut out the camp shirt for Thor, but that is all.  I hope to start sewing it Tuesday night. 

In other sewing news, I did sneak in some fabric shopping lately.  As Karen already mentioned, we met up during the “hurricane” and shopped at Paron’s.  I bought only three things, but I love them.  Have no idea what I am making with the striped fabric, but I loved the colors and the hand of the knit.  The tissue weight knit jersey in lilac/lavender will most likely be a cardigan cozy (which will most likely go with nothing else in my closet, but oh well).  And the purple plaid will be a pencil skirt (if I ever get back to my tnt’s again). 

Then today, I had my first day of jury duty and what do you know, but it’s two blocks away from my neighborhood fabric store.  Shucky darn!  They are moving to a bigger space across the street in a week and are having a major sale.  Look what I scored for under $30!!!!  Most of it is for kid sewing, knits for jammies and the like.  There’s a cordoruy for little boy pants too and a grey chambray for a little boy’s shirt.

mustard yellow and teal blue knit

olive and turquoise knit

blue cordoruy and gray chambray


So if you live in NYC, you should check out their sale before they get all high falutin’ and raise their prices to pay the new rent.

Happy stashing!


4 responses to “Didn’t mean to disappear…

  1. Elizabeth, nice buys. Fabric stores are so addictive, it’s impossible to walk out without buying something.
    I have just had an order arrive from Fabric Mart. Postage is horrendous to Australia but the fabrics are worth it!! Your son is going to be very well dressed. And I can’t wait to see that purpley tissue knit fabric made up.

  2. I guess you didn’t get out of jury duty. Was this your first day? Lovely fabric. I went crazy when I first started quilting too. But fortunately, I have calmed down. Now I don’t even think about it. I have too many other projects. I will have to start thinking about it soon enough. As soon as I know the sex of the new Larsen grandbaby, I will have to start thinking about a new quilt. I just hope that doesn’t start me on another shopping spree at the quilting stores. Wish me luck! And good luck on sewing Thor’s camp shirt.

    Love, Mom

  3. Oooh, you are whetting my appetite for fabric shopping!

  4. Okay so nowhere in this post is the name of said favorite fabric store! 🙂

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