Lots of progress!

Wow, either I am getting better at this sewing thing or this is just a speedy project.  After all it is a teeny tiny little shirt.  Did I mention that it was small too?  Tonight I assembled the collar and stand.

Then I attached it.

Then I attached the sleeves and sewed up the side seams.

Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions on my last post about the matching.  I actually feel a lot better about my matching today.  Sometimes you just need some time to get some perspective.  Right?

I changed the order of construction a little bit.  (Aren’t I all grown up now?)  The instructions said to sew the shirt hem before sewing up the side seams and I thought that was silly.  Of course, now that I am typing this, I am worrying that I got too cocky and maybe should have followed the letter of the law.  Oh well, I can’t worry about it now.   😉

I still have to have to serge the side seam SA’s, make the buttonholes, attach the buttons, and hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.  I actually feel pretty confident that I can do all that Friday night.  Am I nuts???

Some more pics just because I can…

check out that pattern matching with the pocket!

my FIRST collar with stand!

I do have an idea to add an embellishment to the shirt, but it’s a secret as I think my sister reads my blog sometimes.  If she doesn’t she’s in big trouble.  Hahahaha!

Happy sewing everyone!

P.S.  Carolyn pointed out to me that I neglected to mention the store that was having a great sale in NYC.  It’s P&S Fabrics on Broadway below Canal and above Worth.  I’m a dork.  What can I say?


16 responses to “Lots of progress!

  1. The shirt looks great Elizabeth!

  2. Its looking great, will be finished in no time. It sounds completely mad to me to do the hem before the side seams, I can’t imagine why the instructions recommend that???

  3. What a great looking shirt! I love gingham.

  4. Very neat and tidy! Looks (daire I suggest) shop bought. Great work and I love gingham too. It makes me want to burst into song.

  5. This looks great. I agree with the others – hand basting is best – but I have 2 others tips that sometimes work as well. If you pins a slender adn perpendicular to your sewing, you can go over them at times. The pins will hold some fabrics in place -but it isn’t great for the machine. I also can sometimes get by with going slow and every so often stop with the needle in the down position, lift the presser foot to release the movement, then put it back down and continue until the fabric seems to want to move again and repeat the stop and lift.
    Such a cute shirt!

  6. Look at you! You made a shirt! And it looks awesome!! I’d have sewn the side seams before the hems, too. The other way sounds a bit crazy… Although I often sew up the sleeve hems before the underarm seam on bitty clothes. It’s hard to get that tiny sleeve over the free arm.

  7. so cute 🙂 the collar & stand came out really nicely- it took me forever to be brave enough to tackle one of those!

  8. Great job!!!!!! I’m inspired!!

  9. Now that you’ve done a collar and stand on a little shirt, you can try one in your size! And bravo for reading the instructions and thinking they were nuts for wanting you to hem first – because they were.

    Great little shirt. Kids stuff is so cute. Just the littleness makes it cuter.

  10. awesome Job – well done.

  11. That looks great! I don’t think that working with smaller projects is necessarily easier, especially when it comes to making teeny tiny details. So don’t sell yourself short!

  12. It’s perfect and it doesn’t look “homemade!” I was once told it should look “handmade” not “homemade.” This actually looks like it was bought! Pretty soon you’ll be able to get rid of your “day job.” I’m proud of you.

    Love, Mom

  13. Fantastic job!

  14. oooh that is the cutest shirt ever! congratulations on such a nice collar & collar stand. It sure looks great for your very first time.

  15. So cute!!!! Looks very professional!

  16. You did an awesome job and you did it so perfect that I had to look over the pic a few times to find the pocket – total perfection.

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