And a fabulous time was had by all

So I finished my dress at 2am Thursday evening/Friday morning and was so excited about it that I couldn’t get to sleep until 3am.  I manically sewed from 8:20pm until 2am.  There were no breaks.  There was no TV or computer.  (ok, maybe I checked my email a couple of times, but honestly I was a slave to this dress)

I wore it to work and everyone there loved it. 

And then I wore it out to lunch with fellow sewist Trena and her entourage, Peter, Mikhaela, and Clio.  It was a cold and blustery day, but I was determined to wear my trench coat and dress.  I froze my assets off but it was worth it.  Fashion is always worth it.   😉

Then we attacked the garment district with a vengeance.  Everywhere we went, people snapped our pictures.  Ok, it was really Peter, but we felt special nonetheless.  We started out at Paron’s.  As I had just been there a couple of weekends ago with Karen, I did not purchase anything there.  Next we strolled over to SIL Thread.  Boy do they have a lot of thread and lots of other notions.  I snared myself some snaps and paint for Thor’s camp shirt.

Then we ambled over to Spandex House.  As usual I was blinded by the dayglo selection of the performance fabrics.  But I did walk out of there with this cute brown print.  I loves me some prints, I sure do.

Next on the agenda was the fabric extravaganza known as Kashi of Metro Textiles.  I raided Kashi’s remnant bin and snagged some choice fabrics.  The silk charmeuse will be a new scarf for Jack’s nanny.  Her birthday is this weekend.  The pink pique seems perfect for a little girl, as does the floral cotton voile.  The fuschia print will be another addition to the work wardrobe. 

silk charmeuse remnant

pink cotton pique

floral cotton voile

fuchsia print knit

My main purchase at Kashi’s were 3 yds of the black with pink/gray floral knit.  This will finally be the fabric for the DVF wrap dress I’ve been dying to make, V8379

After I had already paid for my loot, I fell for one of Trena’s purchases, a cherry red stretch twill.  Every woman needs a red pencil skirt in her wardrobe, right?

It was a fun day of shopping and walking around in my fabulous new dress.  Trena and I finished off the day with a great dinner at a super delicious Indian restaurant in my hood.  I was stuffed.  We forgot to take pictures, but I think there are enough pictures out in the blogosphere documenting the day already.

I asked my sister to snap a couple more pictures of my dress today.  I hope you won’t mind indulging me.  This is my third rendition of Simplicity 3678.  You might recall I was going to use view B’s three quarter length sleeves.  Yeah, well, I remembered that after I cut out the short sleeves.  Instead of gathering, I used pleats on the front of the dress.  And apparently I did not use the modified back skirt pattern as I needed to add an inverted pleat on the back too in order to match the length of the back empire waist band.  But despite these glitches (and nearly serging off a piece of the midriff band), I really like my dress.  I love the print and color palette.  Of course, as I am wont to do, I am second guessing my pattern placement with the border print, but what’s done is done.  I still can’t believe I sewed it all in one night.

Anyway, I had a great time seeing Trena again and meeting up with her entourage.  Very fun day!

Happy sewing everyone!


23 responses to “And a fabulous time was had by all

  1. Beautiful dress!

  2. This is definitely the best version yet, well worth staying up for. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. And I want that brown print.

  3. Shopping in NY – how fabulous. I can’t believe you made the dress in one evening – I have never been able to do that – it is beautiful.

  4. Your dress is beautiful. You look great in it and your blue trench coat (seen on Peter’s blog) looks great too! Seems like you had a super day!

  5. It’s gorgeous as are you! I do wish you would get some more sleep however. It’s going to catch up to you one day.


    Love, Mom

  6. You look great and like your fabric haul… especially the brown print and the pink print.

  7. the dress looks fabulous!

    This is too funny, I have the exact same black & pink knit here for that vogue wrap dress! it’s a request from my sister, so I have been slooooow about starting it. I should get my act together and sew it up already since the pattern’s really quick to sew.

  8. I love the new dress – I think the pattern placement is great!

  9. Beautiful!! I love the way you placed the print and the pleats are perfect. Nice work!!

  10. Love that floral cotton voile. I can’t believe I missed more than half the shopping outing!

  11. It was great to meet you on Friday and join in the shopping. Your dress looked even better in person than on your blog! You really scored at Metro – I must get over my fear of prints!

    Tricia (aka Clio)

  12. WOw! That dress is stunning and so are you in it!

  13. Love, love, love the fabric of your dress! It looks great!!!

  14. You did have a date! A sewing friends date! One of the best kind. Glad you got the dress done and you look amazing in it…and you picked up some great pieces from Kashi!

  15. What a beautiful dress!

  16. Great looking dress and what a fun shopping trip!

  17. Heaven = homemade outfit that has been a huge success + fabric shopping + child free time + friends + Indian.

  18. Thanks everyone!!!! I appreciate each and every comment. 🙂

  19. Your dress is really, really pretty.

  20. The dress is just gorgeous!!

  21. Wonderful dress. Sounds like a fun time, too.

  22. You look beautiful – lovely dress!! Sounds like everyone had a great time!

  23. dress is fabulous – such nice colors and lively print on you! also pics of fabric make me want to hit the fabric store, and I just sold a bunch of fabric at the Stash Sale here in Seattle. I gotta use up what I have, then maybe can indulge in more! lots of cute retro fabric that does not fit my current aesthetic, but i cant yet part with it! ciao!

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