When do you sew?

That’s the question of the day folks.  When do you sew?  I have arranged my life so that I could, if I wanted to, sew every evening after my son goes to bed.  I am very lucky now that I live so close to work, only 2 blocks away.  So I can grocery shop at lunch and be home cooking dinner by 5:45pm.  I can spend time with Jack before we start the bed time wind down and he’s in bed by 8pm the latest.  So the entire evening stretches in front of me.  That’s how I was able to sew my last dress in one evening (prepping the pattern and cutting the fabric aside).  I’ve also, since having a child, changed what kind of sleep person I am.  I used to be a morning person, waking up naturally around 6am every day, even on the weekends, and barely able to keep my eyes open past 10pm.  But now I am a night person, rarely going to bed before 11pm, and more often later than that.  Jack used to wake up at 4:30am every day, so I was a zombie and very cranky for a long time, but (knock on wood) now he regularly sleeps until 7am.  So even if I don’t get to bed until midnight or 1am, I am still getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night.  Truth be told, I go to sleep earlier on the weekend since it’s important for me to be well rested when I am home with Jack.  I don’t want him growing up thinking I’m grumpy all the time.   😉

So, now that I have described my awesome potential sewing schedule, have I sewn since last Thursday night?  Not really.  Although I did hem Thor’s shirt sleeves and the bottom of the shirt on Tuesday night.  I still have to pound the snaps on and do the extra thingy that I can’t tell you about yet (sorry, can’t spoil the surprise).  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow as I am off from work.  And then I can give the shirt to Thor at Easter!  Sounds like a plan.

Now back to incorporating sewing into your life.  I know Cidell is finding a hard time of late fitting it into her life and is chafing at the bit.  Carolyn has always been a weekend sewer since her commute is so hellacious.  But why don’t I sew every night when I can sew every night.  After my sewing marathon on Thursday night, I was so tired, that I needed a few nights to recover.  And then the few nights turned into a week (not including hemming Thor’s shirt).  Maybe your sewing mojo needs to recharge.  I thought that it would catch on fire, but maybe it just fizzled out. 

Whatever the case was, I have not much to show this week.  But I am proud that after a year dedicated to learning to sew, I have worked out a successful schedule that includes all the different yet equally important parts of me: Mother, Worker Bee, and Creative Person.  I am really happy right now.  I just realized it the other day.  I had been thinking about my schedule and how it really works for me and Jack.  — that I am starting to make some really great stuff, and I came to the conclusion that I am happy and satisfied.  How often can one say that?

Anyway, sewing is my hobby, not my job, so if I feel like it, I can sew.  If I don’t feel like it, I can do something else.  And I have the time to do both.  I am a very lucky person.

So, now it’s your turn.  How do you manage to incorporate sewing into your life?

Happy sewing everyone.


17 responses to “When do you sew?

  1. Very interesting post. I thought it was particularly interesting to hear that you changed from being a morning person to a night person once you had your child! I would have expected the opposite to be true, or for you to stay a morning person.

    About me – I am a morning person – your pre-child self-description of “up every day at 6 am, even on weekends, and tired by 10 pm” describes me to a T. I also could sew every night, as I live about 2 miles from my office and I go home for lunch about 2/3 of the time. I do sew at lunch almost every day that I go home for it. On weekday evenings, though, I rarely sew. I find that it takes too much energy after being at work all day and also about half the time having gone out for dinner and a glass or two of wine. (This is why I also work out in the morning and cannot work out at night.) Knitting suits me better for weeknight crafting. Weekend days, though, are my main time that I accomplish a lot with sewing. My husband is a huge sports fan and watches hockey, football, baseball, etc. on TV for hours at a time on weekends, so this is when I have hours of uninterrupted time to sew.

  2. This is a great question as we all live different lives. For me, I tried to fit sewing in when I can. I am not a morning person and hate even getting up for work in the morning. Add to that a crazy busy job and a demanding boss, and that makes matters worse. I also help my mom out a lot since she got sick a few years ago, so I have to make frequent trips over to her house and that’s the next state over (40 min. drive.) Add to that, I sing in a band on occasional weekends and you have one busy lady.

    In between everything I try to fit in my 2/3 loves, sewing, knitting, crocheting. I’ve pretty glad about the knitting and crocheting this year, as the projects are slowing moving along. But sometimes I get upset about not getting enough sewing done. I’m trying to learn to cut multiple things out at a time during the week. That way, if I have time on the weekend, I can just sew. Lately, I’ve been getting out more with my husband as we are trying to do things together even if it’s just working out, or going to the museum. I’m also trying to become more active and workout more. I don’t like working out in the morning so that only leaves the evening, so that takes up time too.

  3. My sleep schedule also changed after having my son. Now I’m a night owl, but I used to be a morning person. I’ve luckily trained my son to sleep until 8:00 am, because I couldn’t function otherwise.

    As to when I sew…it depends on the day. While I am home during the day, I prefer to spend as much time as possible with my son. I do work from home so that takes some time away and I also am working on a Master’s program, which, again requires some time. When my husband gets home from work, I prefer to spend time with him and with my son. So, I sew whenever I can. Sometimes during nap time (if I don’t have any pressing deadline) but most often after both my boys (hubby and son) are in bed. Usually that is after 10pm for hubs. So, I end up staying up until midnight or 1 am. Again, I’m really lucky that my guy sleeps until 8:00 am…but still, some days are more productive than others.

  4. Good point, sewing is a hobby not a job, therefore we can do it when it suits us. I sew when my youngest is at playschool and my oldest in school. This gives me about 6 hours a week.

    I might have more time to sew once my three year old starts reception (kindergarden), then again I might go back to work then and therefore have less time to sew!

  5. I like the part where you say that you are happy now. I think that’s the most important thing of all since happiness seems to be so elusive for most people.

  6. Fab post. I always marvel at how much everyone else seems to achieve, compared to my paltry efforts. I tend to sew in the evenings, but I really have to be in the right frame of mind. It’s quite an intense activity and I need to be able to concentrate. Sometimes, I prefer to just sit with my knitting and do something more meditative – rows and rows in front of the telly. Sometimes I go a bit mad and get up to sew before work – but I have to be really keen on a project to do that. I find if I go a few days without sewing, I almost start to fear steppping back up to the sewing machine. I have to take myself in hand. I’m feeling a bit like that at present, because I know I’m facing challenges with my current WIP. Most important of all – I definitely need to know when to step away from the sewing, when I’m too tired to think straight.

  7. This is a very interesting question. I like reading how others schedule sewing times. I have been thinking about this for some time. I have always been a morning person even when my children were toddlers. I am starting to realized it is partly because my husband leaves the house before 5am to go to work. I used to sew from 5am to 6am but that would turn in to 6:30am and I would be late for work. I now try to get some done in the evenings after work but if I have to cook dinner (3 weeknights normally) then I am too tired especially if it has been a long traffic commute 1 and half hours. I try to get time in on the weekends but I do not feel like I am getting enough accomplished. I wonder how all of the bloggers out there get so much done!! And on top of that blog about it. Although, it really encourages and enforces that it can be done. I gotta get my act together!! LOL!

  8. When? Well, barely 🙂

    Our little ones go to sleep around seven every night, but unfortunately sewing in the evening is not an option for me, yet. Maybe when they are a bit older (and I’m not nursing anymore) I’ll get enough energy to be active in the evening, but right now I just crash after their bedtime and follow them to bed just a couple of hours later.

    Because of the fact that the little ones keep me rather busy and my lack of energy (because of a chronical illness) I have to spend my time wisely. And sewing is something that at some days just doesn’t happen. On the other hand I have to say that when I have a little bit of free time on my hands and a minimum of energy I try to sew, even if it’s just a little bit. Because I noticed that more than anything else, being creative, sewing relaxes me and gives me new energy for the rest of the day. So I try to fit it in here and there, trying to let go of less important things, like trying to keep the house perfectly clean (because really, how silly is that?) . And somehow, little bits at a time, sometimes even some garments get finished 😉

  9. You sound like a wonderful mom – I know how hard it can be to fly that plane solo – so a big and hearty congratulations! Me, I really like to sew early in the morning – as soon as dawn comes round, sometimes earlier. It gives me solo time with my son when he gets ready for school, I have daylight to sew with, and everything is less of a challenge when I’m freshly rested. It’s amazing how productive one can be in just one short hour – or less. That said, I sew whenever – and I love long weekend stretches that let me get from start to finish before Monday comes around again.

  10. You really seem to do a great job juggling things! I sew mostly on weekends – I work from home, but when that’s done I want to spend time with my husband. I do often cut and trace on weeknights, because those are the parts I hate – then I get sew on the weekend!

  11. I have two little boys (2 and just 4), so I kind of steal sewing time when I can. My little sweatshop is in a corner of the laundry area in our basement, and there’s a playroom next door. Do you think the monsters would play nicely while I sew peacefully? No. If I’m sewing, they have to be underfoot. I just bought some estate sale swivel stools so they can sit up at the cutting table and do ‘arts’ while I’m sewing. This usually means evenings are out of the question for me, and by the time the oldest one goes down at 9, I’m too tired to sew (tired Heather = mistakes!).

    I work from home, though, so when work is caught up and I have no calls to make, I tend to steal time downstairs. I pay for it later by having to work on my computer at night, but it seems to balance itself out somehow. When I’m on the road I get a chance to fabric shop, and that’s really nice.

    It’s a funny thing, trying to find balance in my life. One of these days I’ll get it right.

  12. Since I’m nearing the empty nester stage, it has allowed me to spend an exorbitant amount of time to sew & craft. I sheepily admit I will forgo my 5:30am workout to steal a moment in the sewing room. Having family members who love to cook for us allows me even more time to sew. I leave Sunday open for the household duties, etc.

  13. I don’t have anyone to take care of so that makes things easier (if lonelier). I have always preferred to sew on the weekends in long stretches, doing a project from start to finish. Lately I’ve been sewing more on weeknights, trying to get in 30 minutes most days. It’s better than spending all evening on the computer!

  14. I tend to sew between 8:30 and 10pm a couple a weeknights and then on Sunday afternoons into Sunday evening. I may be sewing less on weeknights now that commuting into the city is eating up time. (Yes, let’s definitely get together with Carolyn and do lunch or dinner!) I stay off the computer at night and on the weekends so I can focus more on sewing.

  15. I sew for about an hour on weeknights (when I’m in the mood) and have marathons on weekends (again, when I’m in the mood). Fortunately, I’m usually in the mood.I agree with your comment about sewing being a hobby, not a job. Now that it’s getting warmer, I wish sewing was something I could do outdoors.

  16. Yes, I was a single parent for years and my sewing routine was like yours. Now I am married and my son is in his twenties so I have lots more help and lots more time, plus I never watch TV so I sew almost every day. But sometimes I don’t feel like it so I don’t! I agree with Elaray so I do plan on sewing outside in a few weeks, though. I am planning to snake a cable out onto my balcony. My sewing machine is already on a table on castors….. . But yes, it’s a hobby, not a job!

  17. Being without child, I am totally a morning person too. I like to be up around 6 and start my day by 7:00. But, I also cannot make it up past Project Runway! Even if I am up past 10, I am no good to the world. It turns out my favorite way to sew in uninterrupted for long stretches of time where I can fart around on the internet, chat with friends and snack on food. But, who has six hours anymore to do that?

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