Sneak Peek – Vogue 8379


So I didn’t make it to finish line last night.  I was able to correct my massively idiotic error of attaching the ties to the side seams rather than the front edges of the bodice wraps.  I set in my sleeves very successfully (but I have more detail on that in the pattern review post later).  BUT, I was too tired to push ahead and hem the dress.  I hope to finish it tonight and take some pictures this weekend.  I will write up the review this weekend as well.

Here’s a sneak peek at the dress in it’s almost completed state, but just a peek of my perfect sleeve.  I am emphasizing the perfection of the sleeves because they are the only thing about this dress that went smoothly. 

I will give you a little taste of my review ahead of time though just to keep you wanting more: Vogue 8379 will NOT be a TNT pattern for me going forward.  I am going to look at different options.  Robin suggested Kwik Sew 3408.  Check out her post and her review for her comparison of the two patterns.  Sounds like a winner to me.

May your sewing be free of idiotic mistakes.


7 responses to “Sneak Peek – Vogue 8379

  1. Thanks for the mention! I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday, but I made the same mistake you did (actually on a few different wrap dresses I’ve made this mistake.) So don’t feel stupid about it! Can’t wait to see the modeled pics! Our gala event is tomorrow so I will have modeled pictures of our outfits either tomorrow before we leave or on Sunday!

  2. This is a very pretty dress and a great sleeve. I am putting sleeves in flat so far. No one will ever see that patch either so no worries there. Now I have to go see which wrap dress pattern I own 🙂

  3. In the worst case you could just wear the sleeve…

  4. That’s a great fabric choice for that pattern. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  5. Erica B also came to this conclusion ( but she chose KS3489 as her TNT wrap dress. I looks to me that KS3489 is an updated version of KS3408 although I could be wrong. I made both V8379 and KS3489 based on Erica’s reviews and agree the KS pattern is more to my liking with the slimmer skirt and the various sleeve and collar options.

  6. That is a perfect set in sleeve. Love that print.

  7. Love the print and after reading Robin’s review ordered the Kwik Sew pattern… need to bump it up on my to sew list.

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