Mish Mash

This was supposed to be the post with the tutorial on lengthening a bodice, but instead it will be a mishmash.  I thought that I had taken all the requisite pictures for said blog post, but upon writing the post, figured out there were quite a few missing pictures.  So, suffice it to say, the tutorial is still forthcoming.  It’s almost finished.  I promise!

Also, I am dying to show you all what I made my Mom for Mother’s day, but she reads the blog, so I can’t.   But since I can’t keep a secret (about presents anyway), I at least got to tell you (and her) that I made her something.  And in her favorite colors (oops!  that might have been a little TMI for a secret).  Oh well…  You’ll all have to wait to see it until she sees it.  Sorry!  But that’s what I sewed this weekend.

Last night, I went through my entire collection of Burdas (back to Jan 2009) looking for a great dress to make for a family wedding scheduled over Labor Day weekend.  I have a few contenders and will post them later.

I also pre-treated my fabric for the Knip Mode skirt.  I will start working on it this week!  I had a lesson last week with Thea and we tweaked the fit of the muslin a little bit.  We did really well with our drafting.  Only minor tweaks were needed. 

So, even though I have been radio silent the last little while, I actually have been working really hard.  Honest!

More to come soon.  Happy sewing everyone!

(Sorry, no pictures for this post.)


2 responses to “Mish Mash

  1. Start with Burda 5/2009, there were so many dresses in that issue, you might find something you like. Also, Burda 3/2010 model 107 is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you chose.
    And hurry up with that bodice lengthening tutorial woman, i have a pattern all cut out waiting!!
    Love your blog Elisabeth, happy sewing!

  2. So what am I getting for Mother’s Day? Is that what you’re sending to hopefully arrive this Thursday? Now I can’t wait!

    Love, Mom

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