Need your opinion

I have a very limited button stash with very few “sets” of buttons, i.e., more than one button in a particular style.  But at my recent outing with fellow PatternReviewers, we stopped at Botani Buttons and I picked up a bag of buttons.  There were a lot of one offs in the bag, but it did include some sets. 

My Knip Mode skirt calls for 5-6 buttons.  I found one set that might work, but need your opinion.  I am thinking this button might be too noticeable and become a design feature where I might not want them to be.  So tell me, should I go on a search for different buttons that don’t cry out “Look at me!”?

Here are two pictures.  One shows the fabric as it really looks, the other shows the buttons as they really look.

true representation of the fabric (navy/white cotton woven)

true representation of the swirly white buttons


Let me know what you think please!


11 responses to “Need your opinion

  1. hello! buttons definitely give the personality to the skirt. The pearl buttons works well with the denim for spring/summer. It gives it a more casual light feel–if that makes sense!

  2. I personally think the buttons are too prominent and would go for ones that blend a bit more.

  3. I love those buttons – use ’em!

    The great thing about buttons is that if you decide at a later date that you’d rather have something less noticeable, they’re easy-peasy to switch out. Use what you’ve got when you can!

  4. Don’t like the buttons. Sorry.

  5. Hi there,
    If you PM me, I will glad send you a bunch of buttons to help build your stash. See my post under buttons:


  6. It’s really hard to know for sure based on the two distinctly different-colored pictures, but I think those buttons will be fine. I don’t think they’ll stand out as much as you think. Like someone else already mentioned, if you don’t like them, it’s easy peasy to replace them later.

  7. If you are going for the ‘look’ of light against dark then the buttons you’ve chosen will work fine. I definitely think they will become more of a design feature, however, they are nice and light and if you’re going for a casual, summery feel then they may work. If it were me, I’d probably go for something that blended a bit more. Do you have to pick the buttons now? Maybe if you waited until the skirt was almost completed and then took it into a store and laid out some different buttons on it and you will see straight away whether contrast or not looks the best. Also, what sort of colours are you going to wear on the top? Lights or darker colours? All could have an effect on the skirt buttons and how much they blend or stand out.

  8. I tend to use what I have on hand and only buy when forced to. I looked at your link and the buttons MissCelie used were quite contrasted to the fabric and looked very nice. As stated already – you can change them if you decide you don’t like them.

  9. Love the buttons and would go with them.

  10. I like my buttons to stand out! So I’d say go for it, you’ll know once the project is finished whether you like the look or not. And if not then find more matchy ones, easy to change them!
    If you can’t find any that match, you could always make covered buttons! They’re super cute and will definitely blend in.

  11. I am all about making buttons a design feature so my opinion is not very useful, but I like them.

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