Trench Coat Sew Along II

Well, the Trench Sew Along II is starting up with some of the old cast of characters and a few new ones.  If you would like to join us in making a trench or a coat, please do.  Let me know in the comments below…

Happy sewing everyone!


10 responses to “Trench Coat Sew Along II

  1. I got my fabric yesterday – it came in a huge roll despite only being 3 yards. I like that they shipped it on the roll though! It won’t wrinkle or get messed up that way. Soon I will start my muslin and post.

  2. You know, I may actually do this. I there a specific start and end date?

  3. BTW, there are some great trench coat type fabrics in the back of the H&M on 39th St. for $2/yd.

  4. I just can’t help myself. Sign me up Scotty!

  5. I’m in. Fabric has been on standby for months. Much Burda flipping. Need pressure to force me to plump for a pattern!

  6. Elizabeth, thanks for starting this up again! Must. Take. Photos. of my coat-in-progress. The holiday weekend may let me finish this bad girl off!

  7. oh I’d love to join as I’ve got a serious case of Trench Envy right now, but I don’t think I should take on any big projects until after my wedding dress is done! I shall be watching and drooling from the sidelines though!

  8. I’ve been wanting to make V8623, this looks like a great opportunity. Count me in 🙂

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  10. Hi Elizabeth,
    I resisted the first time around, so thank you for bringing this up again! And, sign me in, please. I’m off on a short holiday; I’ll map out my plan when I get back.

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