Sneak Peek – Simplicity 2452 and New Look 6901

Full reviews coming tonight.  But until then, here’s a sneak peek at what I am wearing to work today.  I know…  I’m such a tease.

I know you’ve already seen the top before, but this is really how I want to style it.  I will be sucking in my stomach all day though.  😉 

Confession: I haven’t worn a skirt this short in a long time.  I know it’s not that short, but I don’t think my knees are my best bit, so I feel a little self-conscious.  But one must be fashionable, n’est ce pas?

P.S.  I lied in my last post about this skirt.  I said I wasn’t going to undo the vent.  Well, I did.  The perfectionist in me couldn’t leave it be.  *sigh*


13 responses to “Sneak Peek – Simplicity 2452 and New Look 6901

  1. I think you look fantastic! And the skirt length is perfect.

  2. It looks great! And yes, the skirt length is perfect.

  3. Looks great! Can’t wait for the full review. I love it with that top too.

  4. I agree the ensemble looks great. Your knees look better than mine and have learned to live with them… then again I have no other choice… they keep me mobile…lol

  5. HAWT! You look fabulous! And yes, seeing your knees takes some getting used to. I’ve got formerly scabby knees I’m showing off these days, too. Just remember that the flaws you see aren’t apparent to others.


  6. I knew you would; you take after your Mother!

    Love it.

    Love, Mom

  7. It’s a really nice length on you- shows off those gorgeous legs!

  8. Your knees are just fine! The skirt is cute and can’t wait to here the adventure of making it!

  9. It looks wonderful! Great job!

  10. Very fashionable, love your color scheme too.

  11. Great outfit, and I agree that the skirt length is perfect, very flattering.

  12. Nothing wrong with those knees. You have great legs for a skirt this length, you look fabulous!

  13. Your knees are nice. The length looks good on you. Love the shoes!

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