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After Thea helped me “draft” Haley’s birthday dress and I posted the pictures of Haley wearing it, Thea emailed me with an idea.  She suggested that we should all do a small project without using a drafted pattern. 

Thea said, ” Just see a design in your mind, take the fabric, cut, sew, try on and tweak.  No sewing rules.  No perfect finishing.  A project where only the outward appearance matters — and it only has to please you.  It can look as wild as you like, with mixed fabrics if you like.  Something that you would wear if there were no rules, regulations and nothing mattered.  Total playtime!”

So what do you think?  Do you want to join me in taking on Thea’s challenge?  If so, I will set up a shutterfly album so that we can all post our pictures.  I already have an idea for my pattern-less design.  I think the point of this challenge is to be spontaneous with our sewing and to not overthink it.  There’s a lot of inherent self-doubt in sewing.   Well, at least there is for me.  And I think this challenge will prove to us that we can trust our instincts.

So who’s with me?

9 responses to “Thea’s Challenge

  1. 98redballoons

    This sounds so fun! Of course I will have to wait till I’m back home, but I would love to join you. My first thought was about this top ( that was made without a pattern

  2. At first reading I thought “no way” then I saw the words “small project”. Then I saw “something you would wear”. so much for the potholder I had in mind “GRIN”.

  3. I thought I had scared everybody off! I think this is very doable. When you hear what my project is, I think you will be relieved. It’s super easy.

  4. I actually had just started something like this when I read your post. I made a dress last week from McCalls 6074. I always like to have some kind of jacket or sweater that I can wear with dresses, and because I don’t have one in the right color for this dress decided to whip one up from the leftover fabric. I used a self-drafted T-shirt pattern I made from a RTW top and am now fiddling with this to finish it. (Though I confess I threw it together and wore it, unhemmed [!], the other night when we went to a movie where the A/C was cranked up. Definitely in the spirit of your project . . .)

    (I enjoy reading your blog, btw.)

  5. Now I am really curious what you will come up with. I met with Thea on Saturday and she mentioned this. I was like “yikes”! But she is pushing you to be creative. I thought of something but Thea said … more creativity.

  6. What if we draft something based on an article of RTW that we don’t have a pattern for? I’d be in on that.

  7. Wow, I think this is an amazing challenge. I’ve been sewing my whole life and I teach sewing, but I have never done this. Thea, is right sewers do have a lot of self doubt….I’m not sure if I could do this and I have done the whole 9 yards of design school and the fashion industry and more…this is Great. I’m on this blog forever.

    Thanks, Laura McCracken

  8. I gave Elizabeth this challenge to free her from the confines of what we think sewing should be. To be silly, have fun and throw caution to the wind.
    Be creative. Give a garment a back closing instead of the front closing it’s supposed to have.
    Sew big buttons all over a garment.
    Look at obscure patterns and see how they’ve drafted the pattern pieces. A good one to look at is Issey Miyake’s Vogue pattern – V2952.
    Gather up fabric here, there and everywhere, on a garment.
    Turn a skirt pattern into a top — or a top pattern into a skirt.
    Have uneven hems.
    Put frills in places you wouldn’t expect to see them.
    Cut the fabric on the garment in many places and then sew the slashes up in different colored threads — on the outside.
    Take two garments — that you don’t especially like — and combine them into one.
    No rules, be as free as you like.

    I think it’s wonderful that so many sewers are getting together on blogs, in person and helping each other out.
    Happy sewing!

  9. Haha, I bet she thinks my idea isn’t too creative too! 😉

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