Did I scare you off?

Whoa! I think I might have scared some of you off with my last post detailing Thea’s Challenge. Thea had some great ideas as jumping off points for a patternless project and included them in the comment section of that post, but let me paste them here as well:

“I gave Elizabeth this challenge to free her from the confines of what we think sewing should be. To be silly, have fun and throw caution to the wind.
Be creative. No rules, be as free as you like.”

  • Give a garment a back closing instead of the front closing it’s supposed to have.
  • Sew big buttons all over a garment.
  • Look at obscure patterns and see how they’ve drafted the pattern pieces. A good one to look at is Issey Miyake’s Vogue pattern – V2952.
  • Gather up fabric here, there and everywhere, on a garment.
  • Turn a skirt pattern into a top — or a top pattern into a skirt.
  • Have uneven hems.
  • Put frills in places you wouldn’t expect to see them.
  • Cut the fabric on the garment in many places and then sew the slashes up in different colored threads — on the outside.
  • Take two garments — that you don’t especially like — and combine them into one.


Here’s the idea I had for my project.

image from maxstudio.com

I saw a shirred knit skirt last weekend and can’t get it out of my mind. The one I have posted above is cotton voile, but I would make mine in a knit. I think that’s the perfect weekend skirt for running after possessed 3 yr olds traipsing after wayward toddlers. I have tons of knits in my stash that I could use. I just have to pick one out that will go with a bunch of my solid t-shirts. As I recall, using elastic thread shirrs the fabric about 1/2 its original width, so I just need to figure out my measurements for this skirt and decide how wide (vertically speaking) the shirred section will be. I think I will do a serged rolled hem on the hem. Super easy. It’s not as creative or out of the box as Thea was suggesting, but it is patternless.

If I hadn’t already had this skirt in mind, I would make a skirt using Thea’s fourth suggestion of gathering up fabric here and there. I think that would look really cool. Who knows, maybe that’s next. One can never have too many toddler chasing skirts.

So I ask you again, who’s with me? 😉


10 responses to “Did I scare you off?

  1. That’s a cool idea for the skirt. I have been thinking about re-creating some RTW that I don’t have patterns for – like a princess seamed slip from VS or a bikini that I don’t exactly have the right pattern for – so maybe I will do one of those projects. Mine isn’t very creative, I guess!

  2. That’s a great little skirt Elizabeth. I am not back in the game yet other wise I would jump in with you. Soon I hope. But I cannot wait to see another of your beautiful creations.

  3. I’d be with you, but I’m hard at work on a pair of padded biking shorts and a top for a cycling date with a new fella on Thursday!

    Over the weekend, I drafted/copied a well-loved, well-worn tank top. Haven’t sewn it up yet … is that out of the box” enough? I don’t know if it qualifies, but tracing out the pattern was an exercise all of its own!

    Can’t wait to see what you end up making! That skirt sounds uber-cute!

  4. I would totally join this sew-a-long of sorts, but I kind of just made a similar skirt. (It’s on my blog!) I made a shirred cotton voile lined skirt. I also took the Simplicity cardi/wrap pattern and “re-drafted” it to have a shorter drape and made it sleeveless.

    Good luck with your challenge. It will be fun and liberating.

  5. Great idea for a ‘no-pattern’ skirt. It looks so comfortable – one of those ones that you tend to reach for in your wardrobe all the time. And yes – a great toddler-chasing skirt!

  6. Thea’s suggestions kind of sound like how my sewing goes unintentionally! I’m part way through a dress where I have used the fabric upside down I think – does that count!?

  7. Sometimes sewing is a solitary pursuit and you must move on and learn something new when the crowd can’t follow you…go for it…make your skirt and let us all oooohhhh and aaaaahhhh over your new skills!

  8. I’m with allisonC. and I have not enough success at sewing with a pattern that I would go without. Oh I understand the creative/risk juices you hoped to stir in us. But I almost retired my blog because things were going so badly 🙂 U Go GURL! and show me how it’s done!

  9. This sounds fun and your idea great – but I tend to be a sewer and not a designer. I struggle to get something wearable while using a pattern – I would end up with a mess if I tried this. My next project is a sewserendipity tunic top for my college bound daughter. Choosing the fabrics for that is challenging enough for me.

  10. Well, I do like the idea of this… is there a time limit, as I’d need to get a few bits in?

    (apologies if I missed it in the original post).

    If it fails, I shall stuff it and call it a cushion!

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