Does this blog make me look fat?

WARNING:  Possible expletives contained in this post and no pictures (at least of me).

Remember that pleated skirt I was going to muslin?  You know, Simplicity 2698?

Well I cut it out last night and started to sew it up tonight.  I got as far as the yoke.  THE YOKE ONLY!!!!  But first, let me back up a little.

Remember how I stupendously stupidly bought the smaller sizes envelope which only goes to a size 12?  Remember how I boasted that I have calmly accepted, with my new-found sewing maturity, that I am inbetween a size 14 and 16 in Simplicity?  Well, I added an 1 inch to the side seam on all my pattern pieces (all cut on the fold mind you), thusly adding a total of 4 (F.O.U.R!!!!) inches to the entire circumference of this skirt, thinking that this addition would be more than enough for my real size. 


Ok, I feel a little better after venting.  But sheesh!  Do I really have body dismorphia this bad?  I know I am still 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, but does 20 lbs really equate to needing to add a total of 6 inches to a skirt?  COME ON PEOPLE!!!  That is ridiculous. 

It is humiliating.  It is infuriating. 

And I no longer want to make this skirt. 

Yes, I’m sulking.  Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself.  But darn it, I’m working out people!  I’m running.  I’ve gone running 5 days out of the last seven days.  I hit a huge milestone yesterday of running a 10 minute mile.  Doesn’t that deserve a break in the stupid god forsaken land of pattern sizing?

I think I’m going to go order some ice cream on to self medicate.

Take that you stupid skirt!


21 responses to “Does this blog make me look fat?

  1. Aw, hun. That sucks. 😦 If it makes you feel any better, I have inconsistent results within the same brand on patterns too. At least it was only the muslin, and not some expensive fabric.

  2. Oh Lordie, I know the feeling. I came up with this stupid /awesome idea (I can’t decide which) to splurge on a custom dress form. I paid the deposit but I freaked out when I got measured. I told them to wait til late July when I’ll go back to get re-measured. Since then I have dieted, fallen off the wagon, exercised, blah blah blah. I am really tired of worrying about my body. And it all started with that stupid dress form. Anyway, I am sorry to hear you are so pissed off at a pattern. I am pissed off at a dress form. Does misery love company? Can I have some ice cream too?

  3. Pauvre Elizabeth! I commiserate: while my skirts are twisting about me, leading me to believe all that chocolate self-therapy didn’t do too much damage, my breasts seem to be doing the opposite and giving me all sorts of trouble in my sewing.

    I’m off to eat some coconut sweets. Sursum corda!

  4. hope it was butter pecan. ; )

  5. Is there any chance it was designed to sit high on the natural waist instead of down where normal people wear their skirts?

  6. Please! Welcome to my world! Don’t let the numbers get to you too much… You look best – and thinest – in clothes that fit you right! Ice cream really does make everything better!

  7. I want you to know that you are not alone. How many times has this happened to me and every person that sews that has little to no idea how to alter a pattern. I have been sewing for more years than I care to remember, and in the past, my thin, tall body fit perfectly into a size 12 pattern. As aging and gravity took over, everything changed, and I simply quit sewing for myself until now. I found a website that is interactive, informative and individually instructional. You MUST sign up for this and you will be able to save your skirt, I promise. I have sewn two things for myself and learned so much about fitting a pattern to my size. Please check it out, as the owner and instructor of this website really cares about you getting it RIGHT! Good luck, and you will see you are definitely NOT alone.

  8. I agree with Carolyn. The website is fantastic!!
    And Elizabeth, I totally understand how you feel … it’s so much easier to reach for the icecream now but in a few hours time you are going to regret it. Food is only a temporary solution … lol but learning to accept your body and to fit your unique body is life long.
    I’m still learning that food (not matter how good it tastes at the time) is not a good problem solver.

  9. BTW, you look fantastic in previous photos I have seen of you. You exercise, that’s a good thing … so don’t be too hard on yourself!! 🙂 Imagine how many miles you are going to have to run to use up the icecream calories. Is it worth it?

  10. I wear a size many sizes bigger in patterns than I do when I shop in the store. I don’t know why this is but I’m glad I’m not the only one. You would think they would update their sizes to reflect modern sizes – they would probably sell a lot more patterns that way.

  11. I feel your pain, getting your head round pattern sizing is bad enough and even then there are inconsistencies within the same pattern company. Don’t let the stupid pattern put you off your workout plan, sounds like you are doing great. Nothing wrong in indulging in a bit of ice cream though!

  12. I think you are beautiful. And when you accept your body and the numbers they will magically disappear from the problems list, trust me. I know, I’m bottom size 18! I discovered bigger pants make me slimmer! Just a metter of perspective. It’s not the numbers, it’s how they look on you. Also, along with the fit goes the shape.
    Enjoy your icecream and this site, if you don’t have it bookmarked already
    Wish you all the best!

  13. I also sew and run and have a body that is never going to see a size 10. When I find myself feeling low or angry about my weight or body size, I take myself out for a run, even a small one. It makes me feel so much better about myself – that saintly glow that comes with sweat. Congratulations on your ten-minute mile – that’s fantastic! Better than I can do. You are getting your body moving, which is so much better than many other options. And remember, this may be more about the vagaries of pattern sizes than your body. This kind of dread stuff happens to us all. Do something else completely to take your mind off it and then come back fresh from a run! Good luck.

  14. I think you look great and I appreciate having someone out there about my size and not some teenage skinny minny. So stop it! If you get skinny then I have to too. Let keep the curves, we’re not too curvy, or too fluffy either–right? Besides, in ready-made (in one shopping trip) I bought every size there is. Really, small, medium and large. There is no sizing standard that is consistent from one manufacturer to the next.

  15. Oh, sweet Elizabeth, we all feel your pain. And, yes, I know, it’s “only “a number, but our psyches have difficulty grasping that. Generally speaking, I wear the same size in RTW no matter what the brand. Yes, on higher end pieces, vanity sizing does come into play, but only by 1 size difference. When I sew, my lower half is almost always 3 sizes larger than my RTW lower half. I am not heavy and pretty much proportional..smaller on top. I read somewhere that the pattern companies have not revised their sizing for quite a while. And as Annie said, I think they would sell more patterns if the sizing would reflect RTW sizing just a little more closely. A friend returned to sewing after many years, made a skirt in her “usual” size and was so disheartened by the tight result, she never attempted another piece. That’s sad. When raising my daughter, I tried very hard to instill a positive body image, but society has more influence. I didn’t mean to ramble on but you get the idea. Besides, please know that your line about the skirt “fitting if it didn’t need seam allowances to be sewn together to hold it up “was funny, funny! You’ve made my day..

  16. Elizabeth, don’t be too hard on yourself (although I think we all are hard on ourselves).

    I have a feeling that the pattern companies do have mislabeling and are probably inconsistent with sizing. I’m not looking to give you excuses but trying to let you know that there is a reason other than those you stated.

    Take a step back and regroup! You are a beautiful woman and celebrate all you have accomplished with your sewing and exercise / running.

    P.S. Unfortunately I understand you getting the ice cream which I do often and admit it’s not the right thing to do.

  17. You are not size, dollface. You’re a person — with curves! We’ve ALL got fitting issues, but that’s the joy of making your own clothes – you adjust for yourself and your quirks. (Remember “FFRP”? Even Patti Palmer’s daughter, Melissa the Stick, had to adjust her patterns.) NO ONE will know what size you are unless you tell them.

    You’re beautiful at any size. And ya know what? If the clothes fit well, you’ll look thinner. So there.

  18. have you seen Peter’s update today on Male Pattern Boldness?

    I think all of us women could take a page out of his book. Talk about being comfortable with your body!!

  19. I think that’s supposed to be a high-waisted skirt. Don’t fret about your size- any size at all can look perfect. Style is all about carrying off well whatever you are wearing.

  20. A well fitting garment is flattering no matter what the numbers total up. Patterns can’t be trusted. If you like the skirt and it ends up looking nice – then the numbers don’t matter. The pattern could be defective. I have had them turn up from time to time – especially the newer patterns seem to have more computer and less human reason. Can you cut a new yoke? or salvage this one as just a muslin and add more to the sides? For the skirt you can add a panel to the front (and back if needed) or sew the pleats a bit smaller to give you the side seam allowances you need. When you get the sizing right – and if you like the skirt – then make it and forget the numbers – they lie.

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