Wish List

First of all, thank you all for putting up with my pity party yesterday.  I appreciate all of your support.  It was just shocking to find out, after adding significant width to a skirt, that it was still too small.  *big sigh*  But I am putting on my big girl pants and putting all that nastiness behind me. 

Yesterday, I fantasized about feet.  No, I am not a fetishist.  I was daydreaming about sewing machine feet.  I have a Husqvarna Emerald 183 machine which actually came with several feet, but I have been envious of other people’s feet of late.  You know…  like narrow hem feet.

image from Viking Husqvarna

If money were no object, here’s the list I’ve come up with to buy.  Check them out here:

  • 1/2 in bias binder
  • 1/4 in bias binder
  • Piping foot
  • Spanish hemstitch foot
  • 5 or 7 groove pin tuck foot
  • Edge stitching foot (actually, I might have this one already, but have to check when I get home)
  • 3mm shell rolled hem foot (love this one!)
  • 5mm narrow hem foot
  • 2mm narrow hem foot

I have no idea how much any of these feet cost, nor do I know if they will work on my machine, because in their infinite wisdom, Viking does not make all of their accessories compatible with all of their machines.  Go figure!  So I guess my next step is to call my dealership and find out all that information and then decide which I will really get.

Do you have any of these feet?  If so, which do you love and cannot live without?  I love the gathering foot (aka my boyfriend) which came with my machine.  LOVE IT!  It beats the heck out of sewing two lines of stitches and then trying to pull them into even gathers. 

Happy feet people!


12 responses to “Wish List

  1. I adore my binding foot ( I just have the 1/4 inch, but someday…), but I know others who will disagree with me. They do have a bit of a learning curve. I also don’t know how I lived without an edgestitching foot. It makes all my topstitching nice and straight.

  2. I just bought some presser feet for my 183, from here: http://sewingmachine221sale.bizland.com/store/page63.html

    They were quick, and shipping in the USA is free above 45 or so. The 183 is category 6 so look for it.

    The edgestitching foot is part of your 10 free feet, and I got the adjustable bias binding foot among about 5 others.

    HTH and good luck!

  3. The only foot I’ve purchased (Bernina feet are freaking expensive) is a rolled hem foot, because I LOVE them. They are fussy and I’ve never done a perfect rolled hem without any part of the raw edge folded only once rather than folded under twice and hidden, but it would be impossible to do as well as I have without the foot.

    Someday I will treat myself to a walking foot.

  4. I have all of those Viking feet (and more!). The edgestitching (and edge joining) are my most-used, for topstitching, edge stitching – natch -and stitch in the ditch.

    The binding feet are OK, but not used much, and they do not go around sharp corners without a lot of finesse.

    The hemming feet take practice.

    The piping foot is great, as is the big brother welting foot – which I was using last night while making my sister a trimmed pillow.

    The Spanish Hem foot is great for what it does, but it’s a very specialized foot. You won’t use it often unless you do a lot of faggoting. (

    The Pin Tuck foot is also great, and I use it for sewing on shirring elastic too.

    Other great Viking feet – invisible zipper foot, button sewing foot, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting. (Is this comment long enough yet??)

  5. Forgot to say – if you have a local Viking dealer, they probably do classes on feet. AKA sales promos! But they are a great way to learn the various feet on real projects, and to judge whether you’d use them in real life on your own projects.

    There, I think I *have* said enough now. 🙂

  6. You know, you could pick up a vintage straight stitch Singer — like a Spartan, 99k or 15-91, and get those feet used for a song, if they weren’t included (and they often are). The whole thing would run you less than $100 and you’d have yourself a great little straight stitcher.

  7. I must agree with Debbie C – I would forget the binding feet and stick with the edge stitching and edge joining feet. The piping foot is a must have – use it all the time – you don’t need to use a bias strip either unless you are doing curves. I would only get one narrow hem foot before you plop down more monies for the rest. You may also want to consider an invisible zipper foot. I dream of purchasing the ruffler foot – many $$$$ are needed first. Good luck with your decision.

  8. My mom has the same machine as you. Janome, Brother, and BabyLock feet fit on it. I think any low-shank foot would. You can find less expensive feet if you buy a different brand. 🙂

  9. I dream of having a walking foot, followed by a rolled hem foot. Along with about three sewing books for c. £40 each. Damn being a penniless graduate 😦

  10. I own about 20 feet, but I use the edge-stitch foot the most. I use it on every project.

  11. I like looking at all of the feet options available too. Since I have only been sewing for about a month some of these I don’t think I will be needing anytime soon. I did go ahead and buy the invisible zipper foot though just to save myself the frustration. The next in line is probably going to be a gathering foot because it seems everything I have worked on so far has gathering.

  12. Like you, I’m new to sewing and I dream about all of the fancy feet I can get. Happy shopping!

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