Muslin Success!

Butterick 5147

Last night I cut out and sewed up my muslin for Butterick 5147.  Obviously I didn’t include a lining for just a muslin.  And I have to say I count this muslin as a success!!!  Sorry, I don’t have pictures yet.  I just did a hasty (read sloppy) zipper insertion, so I need to clean that up before getting a real assessment of the fit.  But…  I think…  All I need is a slight swayback adjustment and maybe some adjustment for the back neck gaping I saw.  Although I will start with the swayback and see if that takes care of the neck gaping, which it could, who knows!

I was so excited at how well this muslin fit that I booked my teacher Thea tonight to help me with the fitting issues.  I will take pictures of before and after so you can see the muslin.

For reference purposes, I am making view C, the black sheath dress in the picture above.  Here’s the line drawing:

B5147 Line Drawing

It has bust darts and fish eye darts at the waist in front and back.  I’ve never sewn fish eye darts before and did not have an easy time sewing them last night.  It was hard to start them off at the right point precisely.  Anyone have any tips? 

So far my verdict on this dress is that it’s a real winner.  I love the neckline (not too high or too low), the shaping is excellent, the ease is spot on (I tried sitting in the dress – no problems), and I think it’s very flattering (even for this post-partum body).  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I really thought fitting this dress would be a nightmare.  I thought I was going to have a nasty surprise on the sizing since I just had the 6 inch debacle last week.  I cut out a sz 14 and don’t need to add any inches anywhere; just take some out of the back for the swayback adjustment.  How cool is that???

I have no idea yet what fabric I am going to use.   I will have to shop my stash.  

I will most likely make my version with a hem above the knees to look more current with how people are wearing skirts/dresses these days.  I have to confess, I feel funny about my knit dresses with hem lengths below the knees now.  I am so excited about this sew along.  If this dress can make a post partum chick look good I think it will make anyone look good.  You have to try it out.  Join us!  The Butterick 5147 Dress Sew Along

Oh and one more thing…  I think this dress is definitely TNT material for me.  This will be a great dress for my work wardrobe.  And it’s soooo easy; only 2 pattern pieces (4 including the lining). 

Happy sewing everyone!


14 responses to “Muslin Success!

  1. Yay, can’t wait to see it! I have to admit that I am skeptical about how good this is going to look on me, as I’m not really a woven dress girl but I will give it a try. It seems like the less pieces something has, the worse it looks on me, but I am trying to keep an open mind especially as you say it is flattering!

  2. Re the darts. I start my fisheye darts in the middle, sew to the end, flip over and sew from the middle to the other end.

  3. Excellent news! Can’t wait to see the dress! Are you going to make the jacket, too, since the dress is so easy?

    BTW: What Claudine said about the fisheye darts is how I do it, too.

  4. Yay! Glad to hear it’s been a success so far.

    Claudine – that’s a great tip! I’ve never done it that way but I’m sure going to from now on 😉

  5. This is great that you’ve found a pattern that fits you so well – you can do so much with a basic shift pattern! And make it in so many different fabric types too. Can’t you tell I’m a shift dress fan!!
    The jacket looks nice too – will you make that too?

  6. That’s awesome! (Isn’t it nice when something fits well right off the bat?)

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the dress-lengths on your other dresses, though. If you love the dress—screw the hemline police!

  7. I’m also hoping this can become a TNT pattern as I love the style. I’m going to have to both lengthen and widen it as I’m 5’11” and larger than a 24, mostly in the bust area….. Since this will be my first sewing project in over 20 years, any advice will be helpful…..

  8. That’s wonderful Elizabeth!

  9. Great! This will be a great shape pattern to have as a TNT.

  10. Great News! This will be a wonderful TNT pattern.

  11. Sounds like a winner. I so happy you are getting good results. It’s not as bad as you thought.

  12. I’ve made the dress several time and it is a true TNT.

  13. At the ends of the darts sew 3-4 stitches straight right along the very edge. That keeps the little bubble from forming at the ends. (And I think this confirms that something is totally wrong in the skirt pattern sizing and that it isn’t you at all.)

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