After professing my love for natural fibers, I came home to sew last night and found myself paralyzed with fear, unable to sew.  I think I talked myself out of finishing my silk twill dress.  Not because I don’t think the fabric won’t be a good boyfriend and behave itself; I think it will.  But because I started thinking about the zipper.  I’ve noticed that the bottom of the zipper in my black and white bamboo skirt and in the stretch cotton chambray version of B5147 protrude a little.  I’m just not sure why.  I can’t figure it out.  And if that happens with this dress I will be very upset.  I don’t want any major flaws.  Little ones I can take because I doubt a non-sewist would notice those, but a pokey zipper?  I think everyone will notice that. 


I think I just have to get over this.  It doesn’t help that I’ve lost momentum on this dress since I last worked on it.  That stupid birthday week and my friend visiting put some distance between me and my dress.  In this case, distance does not make the heart grow fonder.  😉  

I have a work event tonight, so I won’t be able to work on the dress until Thursday night.  Oh, and Robin just reminded me of the natural fibers contest going on now at PatternReview.  Doing a PR contest was one of my goals for 2010.  I’m pretty excited about entering this dress into this particular contest.  The deadline is August 10th.  I definitely can make that.  Maybe this is just the kick in the pants that I need to finish this dress.  Yeah!

In other sewing news, I finally picked out my pattern for the Trench Sew Along!  The new Simplicity Fall line came out and there was a great lined coat in the line up.  I love it!!!  Check out my post at the Trench Sew Along to see the coat.  And if you’re considering making a trench or any kind of coat, please join us (just let me know in the comments and I’ll send you an invite).

Happy fearless sewing everyone!


11 responses to “Paralysis

  1. Try the technique with the 1/8″ tape for the zipper, it totally works!

  2. If you add 1/2″ fusible interfacing to the lap parts of the fashion fabric (where the zipper will be installed), that keeps the zipper from getting all wonky, too. I’ve also had great success with using a gluestick in place of the pins/1/8″ tape and it works like a dream.

    This might help:

    Also, EVERYONE gets paralyzed now and then. I just finished a totally adorable cross top the other day, hemmed it waaaaay too short for my comfort, and it kind of knocked me over. But just for a day or two. You pick yourself off, dust yourself off, and get back in there! “Doing” is the only way you’ll get better. I’m glad there’s a PR contest to motivate you.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog and think you’re definitely not a beginner sewist anymore. Have you thought about sewing the zipper in by hand? Hand-picked zippers are really lovely and never have bottom bumps!

  4. I can procrastinate for ages before starting sewing but once I’ve the plunge I don’t want to stop. I find having a (usually self-imposed) deadline helps get me started so hopefully the PR contest will do the trick! Best of luck.

    Not sure what you mean about the zipper problem. I can’t see anything odd in your pictures of the dress 🙂

  5. It’s OK to move on (briefly) to something you’d like to work on in the meantime. But, don’t be discouraged. Take a deep breath and tell us more details about the zipper problem. I didn’t notice anyproblems at all. I’m sure we’ll have opinions-and suggestions 🙂 I don’t recall what type of zipper application you’re using: invisible, lapped, centered?

    Sorry, I really want to see this dress finished and entered in the contest (and worn and enjoyed by you). 🙂

  6. Re. putting in a zipper – I think that Darci is right in saying that you should stabilize either side of where you’re going to install the zipper – I usually do this and I think it helps. Think positive, think fearlessly, because I have no doubt that your silk twill dress is going to be gorgeous. Good luck in the contest.
    Oh, and I’m very impressed that you are going to tackle a trench – every wardrobe needs a great trench coat!

  7. I am one of the ones who hand-sews a zipper if I want it to be perfect, but I’m still a zipper novice.

    As for paralysis, I know that feeling. For me it helps to break whatever I’m doing into one small step at a time. Even if that step is as small as “take out the item and look at it.” 🙂

  8. My zipper mojo got much better as soon as I started using glue. Try it and tell us about it.
    I get jitters every time I cut an expensive fabric, it’s ok. I think we all do and then we glow with pride when the project is finished.
    Sew on!

  9. You must finish this gorgeous dress!
    Usually pokey zipper is because the seam has stretched as you put in the zip – you can prevent this by fusetaping the stitching line. I have a few tips on invisible zips on my blog under ‘tricks of the trade’ if it helps!

  10. Quick tip, as I’m very late for bed…try handsewing your zips in. Sooo much more control. And much easier to rip back if it doesn’t seem right.

  11. Hehe! Sorry, now I see others have said the same thing. Great minds and all that!

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