That’s what I’m now calling unsolicited compliments.  I received one today on my stretch cotton chambray B5147 dress as I was walking home for lunch.  A woman was walking the opposite direction as me and told me, “Great dress!” 

Wow!  I am so pleased right now sitting in my office.  It’s absolutely delightful to get a compliment from a complete stranger.  To date, this is my second unsolicitation.  The first happened a month or two ago as I was walking out of my office.  I was wearing my Christian La Croix skirt and a woman (not the same one) said, “Beautiful skirt!”

So the question of the day is: Have you received any unsolicitations lately?  Tell me all about them!

14 responses to “Unsolicitations

  1. I adore unsolicitations! That’s how I know when I “knocked it out of the park”. Yesterday, I wore my LBD (M6069) and not only bypassed the 15 other people waiting in line at the deli, but got a “woo-hoo” from the deli guy. Niiiice. I’ll take it. I’m hoping for a little ass grabbiness when I wear it in Italy next month.

    And you’re gorgeous! Well done!

  2. Love the new word! I got one yesterday when I was walking into my building yesterday and held the door for a woman behind me. She said, “Great dress! You look and smell like summer!” which I thought was a great compliment. I was wearing my latest Kwik Sew wrap dress with the brown/turquoise flowered print and short sleeves/rolled hems. The smell was Laura Mercier Almond Coconut cologne spray and body creme.

  3. These are totally addictive. They happen to me fairly often in New York, not so much in the suburbs. I count compliments from strangers as 1 point, but compliments from people trying to sell me something as only 1/2 point. During the 2 years I was in London, it happened a grand total of once. I sort of took it personally when I first moved there, but then I figured it was just a cultural difference.
    As you start sewing more adventurous garments, this will happen more and more. Look forward to it!

  4. Oh how I love Unsolicited compliments. I received a lovely compliment on S2700 (pants) & B5235 (jacket) from a young lady I see sporadically when I do my usual walk around the office building. I stopped to Thank her only to realize she was the same woman that complimented me on B5235 (jacket) & M3830 (skirt)…. 2 weeks earlier. We talked for a brief moment and I mentioned to her that I sew my clothes, she in turn stated that I don’t see you often, but when I do you always look so sharp. I like to say that was an ultimate compliment.

  5. Love the word. I have yet to wear anything I have made but I am looking forward to the day I recieve my first “unsolicitation.”

  6. I got my first (on non-costume clothes, anyway) this past vacation. A woman asked me where I got my dress (the blue and white sundress on my blog). When I said I made it, she asked if I sold them. 🙂 It was nice because, while I like the dress, I feel a little homemade in it, if you know what I mean.

  7. Oh that is funny “you look and smell like summer”! Where I live that would mean you need to go take a bath and put on deoderant. But you look great in both outfits I must say.

  8. Unsolicited compliments are the best! They sort of seal the deal. When I do receive them I always think they sort of seal the deal. If a complete stranger likes it, it must be fitting good as well as looking good. You did a marvelous job on your dress(s). I must get mine finished. That LBD sheath is still a hanging UFO.

  9. Thats lovely, and how nice it happened when you were wearing stuff you have made. I got an unsolicitation yesterday at the gym wearing a cotton black dress – I think people are used to seeing me looking a sweaty mess at the gym so it was a surprise to see me in real clothes!

  10. I love it when someone compliments anything that I have made! I think that the comment above from Claudine is very interesting – I live in London and she is right that strangers rarely offer compliments – it is a cultural thing.
    I am not surprised that you have received unsolicitations when wearing your dress and that beautiful skirt – both look great and they fit so well.

  11. Those are the best! I try to pass them along to others when I can because I know how great I feel when I get them. The last one I can remember was the receptionist at the gym commented that my dress was so cute and that she always loved what I wore. The best part? The dress was one that I had made. Pretty dang awesome!

  12. I got one yesterday. A girl working in Lush raved about my Jean Ross pants, asked me where I got them, then asked if I have a label, then told me I have great style. It’s nice to be noticed.

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