I just finished knitting this super easy and quick hat for a charity project to benefit Young Runners.  My particular hat will be going to a young runner in Far Rockaway.  It’s a really simple pattern: 3 inches of ribbing, then 3 inches of stockinette and then several rounds decreasing every other round.  Even though it was such a simple project and was so fast to finish, I found myself really enjoying the knitting of it.  I guess I miss knitting more than I thought.  I think my last bit of knitting last year was all KWAG (spoof on the Selfish Seamstress’ SWAG but as knitting with a grudge) thereby making the process of knitting stressful due to time constraints and with no payoff to me.   😉   As a matter of fact, I think my poor niece Haley never got her winter hat.   Bad Auntie!!!

Anyway, I was talking to Robin yesterday about my newfound knitting love.  You see, I know how great a knitter she is having seen many a gorgeous sweater that she’s made on her blog.  Robin regularly adjusts knitting patterns for better fit and tosses out terms like top down knitting or talks about how she creates spreadsheets on the changes she makes to the patterns she uses.  We’re talking knitting goddess here!  I’m a fumbling newbie with knitting compared to her.  So I turned to Robin for advice on my next knitting project hoping she could direct me to the perfect pattern.  I would like to actually wear whatever it is that I end up knitting, so the bar is high for this project.  Ideally, the pattern would be for a cardigan that wasn’t too difficult yet had some interesting detail like a simple lace or maybe some cabling.  Something that wouldn’t take two years of tedious knitting to finish.  Something that would be a great topper for a dress or top to tie a whole look together.  I would like to use a natural fiber that had some nice drape.

Robin and I talked for a good long while and she gave me some great links to some sweaters that she thought I might like.    These are all Ravelry links, so you have to join to view them, but here they are…

I haven’t decided which one I will do yet, but I definitely have a great bunch from which to choose.  Incidentally, I passed by the new Purl store in Soho last night on my way to a dinner date.  It looks soooo pretty.  Unfortunately they were closed and I was just going to make it to the dinner on time, or I would have stopped in to buy some yarn.   I will have to decide before my trip so I can take the project with me.  You know what they say about idle hands!  Besides, my sister says that I always need to be entertained.  I’m not sure that’s a compliment though.

I was supposed to go out tonight with the girls, but Jack’s sick and I think I need to stay home tonight.  So instead,  I will start my new version of B5147 for the wedding which is *gasp* two weeks away while keeping an eye on the baby monitor and Jack’s breathing.


4 responses to “Knitting?

  1. Nice hat, and thanks for the compliments on the knitting! Knitting comes very easy to me…sewing, not so much!!! I am having a terrible sewing day too. First, I thought I sewed in the zipper on B5147 backwards and ripped it out, only to realize it was in correctly. Next I was working on doing the long continuous seam to sew the lining and dress together, and what did I realize after sewing one of these (long) side seams? That the lining at the neckline was twisted up. UGH. I am currently ripping out all the stitches (which I did at a 2.0 stitch length for the lining and left it on for the outer fabric) while trying not to scream. I know if I put it down and don’t rip it out right now and redo it, I’ll end up throwing the whole thing out.

  2. I knew you were knitting again just by the tone of the last post! I hope you find the perfect cardigan to make to go with your new TNT dress pattern. Can you imagine getting dressed one morning and you have on a new dress sewn by you that coordinates with the newly knitted cardigan also by you. D*mn gives me the shivers just thinking about it! 🙂

  3. Dinner date? With Brian? ;o)

    If you think Jack could stand it, do you want to check out the new Purl store with me some wknd? I haven’t even been there yet…

  4. Can I throw in a vote for the lucky-cardigan pattern?! I love the collar, the sleeves, and the way the lace section creates textural interest without being too much. Ooh, I need to learn to knit…

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