I have had two solid evenings this week to start working on the dress for my cousin’s wedding and have not done one thing on it.  The Vera Wang fabric stares accusingly at me from on top of the sewing machine.  In fact, I spent all of last night helping a friend learn how to knit and uploading old photos onto Facebook. 

So if you came here looking for sewing progress, you came to the wrong place my friends.  Apparently, I am MIA in the sewing room.  Apparently, my MO is to sew at the last minute, backed into a corner. 

This dress might end up being named Disaster Dress or Dress of Doom.  I hope not. 

How many times can I say I am going to start my dress before you guys start yelling at me to stop crying wolf?  If anyone can loan me some of their sewing mojo, I would much appreciate it.  Thanks!

Image from Sisknit on Ravelry

In knitting news, I decided on the Peasy pattern for my cardigan and already ordered the yarn.  It should be in my greedy hands by next week.  Yeah!

EDITED TO ADD: Just saw on Reethi’s blog that she’s participating in the Friday Night Sew-In.  This might be just the thing to get my mojo going.  So I am publicly saying that I’m going to do it too.  (Uh oh…)


7 responses to “Stalled

  1. E – you’re killing me here (in a good way). I still have to post pictures (yikes) of my muslin your sew along and cut/sew the actual garment this weekend. Nothing like giving me so me mojo! Oooh I love the cardigan pattern. I will have to lear from you and Robin. Looking forward to meeting you next Saturday; have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I totally know how you are feeling, I’ve been so unproductive lately. I need the risk of public humiliation to get me going again! 🙂

  3. Sorry, can’t give you any mojo as I have lost mine, also. lol

    Maybe my sewing mojo is hiding with yours. Whoever finds it first should send the other’s bach home. *grin*

  4. One thing at a time. Pull out patter. Pull out paper. Read over instructions. Lay out the fabric (no, of course, you’re not going to cut it… just lay it out) oh, well, it’s all laid out, how about I make a trial of arranging the pattern pieces…

    Of course, my children are old enough now that I can tell them to shove off when mommy’s busy. 😉 Or make them hand me the pins. This helps immensely.

    That being said, I’ve been flirting around the edges of my coat all week, too chicken to actually plunge in. I need to take my own advice ;). I find the large pattern pieces rather intimidating.

  5. Sometimes that cutting out is the obstacle. Once I have something cut out, then I can sew in short bursts. But the ironing, the pattern piece sorting, eeek, sometimes easier to just watch TV !
    But your knitting is fantastic – big regret, I never learned.
    Also – you are making me jealous from here on the West Coast, wish I could do some NY fabric shopping. Have fun!

  6. Oh Elizabeth. You shouldn’t have ordered the yarn until the dress was done. Tut tut.

  7. Ah, it would appear that my comment on the previous post is somewhat redundant…

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