Sewing mojo lost — Knitting mojo found

As you all are aware by now, I have no sewing mojo of which to speak.  But my knitting mojo has taken me by storm.  I made the charity hat recently which I strongly suspect as the catalyst for my renewed knitting interest.  Then Robin and I discussed possibilities for my next knitting project.  And while waiting for my yarn to arrive in the mail, I picked up a UFO from last Fall, the Mohair Lace Scarf.

I had just a small portion completed on the scarf when I left it to languish on my sewing notions box for many a month.  I picked it up this weekend when I should have been sewing and am now about 1/3 of the way done.  It would be nice to wear this scarf this winter with my brown winter coat.  I have to admit though that my progress on it has been spotty.  There has been a lot of frogging.  Here’s how it went this weekend: I would knit 8 rows and then have to frog 6 over and over again, making incremental 2 row progress for every hour of knitting.  Sound like fun?  Very frustrating, but I still managed to make noticeable progress. 

Despite my frustrations, I have to admit it is much easier to watch TV while knitting.  I couldn’t possibly sew while watching TV.  In fact, my preferred “background noise” while sewing is my favorite TV show, “La Femme Nikita“, which aired on the USA network in the 90’s.  I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.  I have the entire series on DVD and have watched it from beginning to end so many times I have lost count how many.  I want to marry Michael.

Roy Dupuis, who plays Michael on LFN

But looking at that picture…  Who wouldn’t?  Ohhh, here’s a picture of him as he looked in the series.

As Michael in LFN

Gets the blood flowing, doesn’t it?

Tell me, do you watch or listen to anything while you sew/knit?  If so, do you have any requirements?  The reason I ask is that I can’t watch new TV shows or movies while I sew because I get too distracted, don’t make any progress and/0r make lots of mistakes.  Watching a show that I know very well and love allows me to have the background noise company without the potential distraction.  I can pick and choose when I pay attention to it and mostly concentrate on my sewing.

If I choose to listen to music, I really don’t have requirements beyond that it can’t be opera.  Don’t get me wrong — I love opera.  I used to sing opera professionally.  But because of my history with it, opera demands my full attention.  It would be like watching a show I haven’t seen before — too much of a distraction.  My favorite music to listen to is Kurt Elling (Jazz), Jeff Buckley (Rock), Jump, Little Children (Rock) and David Sylvian (can’t be categorized).

So tell me all about what media companions (music, tv shows, or movies) you choose to keep company with while sewing, if any.

16 responses to “Sewing mojo lost — Knitting mojo found

  1. My biggest distraction while sewing is the @#$% computer! I need to leave it somewhere else, then I might get some sewing done. But…I keep reference materials on it like: measurements, pattern lists, fabric lists, and all the “notes” I’ve collected over the years (I’m gradually converting my pre-internet sewing notes to pdf too). Sigh! It’s obvious that I don’t have any sewing mojo either. When I have had spurts of sewing my listening/viewing favorites: audio books (sometimes have to be turned off when trying to read/understand intricate sewing procedures), classical music, radio podcasts, long movies or mini-series that I’ve seen many, many times, sewing videos.

  2. Ooh, he IS dreamy, isn’t he? I may have to check that series out on Netflix. YUM!

    I watch/listen to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” when I sew. I’ve seen every single ep about 10 times (fangirl alert!), but I just never get tired of them. It’s easy to tone out and focus when I need to, or stop and watch for a bit, but it’s usually on in the background. When I’m not watching those, I listen to my ipod on random shuffle. Or I dial up an 80s radio station on iTunes. I’m always surprised when I know all the words to songs I haven’t heard in over 20 years.

    No worries, hon. You’ll totally get your mojo back. If you stress out about it, it’ll only stay away longer. Just enjoy the knitting! You’ll come back to sew when you’re ready.

  3. You evil, evil girl. How am I supposed to concentrate at work with THAT on my mind? I’d sew right over my fingers if I had him on in the background.

  4. My computer is also my biggest distraction while sewing/knitting–I keep taking breaks from what I’m doing to see what I’m missing. Lately, though, I’ve been listening to classical music on radio. I have an impressionist composers station and a string quartet station; nothing with words though as I find myself needing to listen.

  5. Technically the computer is my biggest distraction from sewing, but since sewing and bumming around on the computer both count as “things I do when I should be doing something else” I don’t sweat it too much. I like listening to podcasts when sewing (or doing dishes or any other housework, or while illustrating, which is technically work. Now if I could just write my thesis while listening to podcasts…). I need to find some more, however, as I’ve gone through all the archives of my faves and they don’t come out with new material fast enough! 😉

    I used to listen to Pandora back when we could get it in Canada, but that was years ago :(. Found some really neat songs that way.

    Your scarf looks good! All I can think of when I contemplate knitting is the many knitting UFOs my mom always had kicking around… I guess I’m subliminally convinced that it’s impossible to finish something through knitting, so why even bother?

  6. That is some very pretty knitting.

  7. I turn on Grey’s Anatomy as background noise. There are always a few episodes on hulu, but if I’m having a marathon sewing day (which never seems to happen lately, my sewing mojo is gone too) I have two seasons on DVD.

    Share some cute knitting patterns while you’re not sewing – still crafty and inspirational, right?

  8. Sorry to hear that your sewing mojo has (also) left the building like mine. I’m glad about the knitting mojo though – I have that going on as well! While I sew, I basically just watch/listen to mindless reality TV, the same kind of thing I watch on the treadmill. Like last Monday when I started the ill-fated B5147 (which I still have to take in) I watched The Bachelor Pad and Dating in the Dark. On the parts that I actually wanted to pay attention to (the extratrainwrecky parts) I turned the sewing arena chair around and pinned whatever I had to sew next, like those long continuous seams on B5147, while watching. Music is the best companion for serious sewing though and that’s what I do most often. While I’m knitting, I can pretty much do anything else. Listen to audiobooks, watch Mad Men, etc. I can talk to others while knitting, but only if I have something without a chart, like just plain stockinette. I usually get too much into the conversation and don’t want anything too involved to knit as it’s distracting (from the conversation.) I’m not much of a social knitter.

  9. At least you have a backup!

  10. I ALWAYS watch TV series on DVD while sewing, never normal TV, cause I can always go back and rewatch and see what I might have missed. I will watch almost anything if I get it cheap enough. I have 7 seasons of Stargate SG1, 4 seasons of Gilmore Girls, complete Dead Like Me series, 2 seasons of Dexter, 1 season of Heroes, 1 season of Pushing Daisys, 1 season of Six Feet Under. I buy my DVD’s at garage sales and thrift shops, and when Walmart has them cheap enough. I am completely unable to sew without the TV being on.

  11. It’s great to see knitting here! I was a knitter for many years before I learned how to sew.

    I love watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel on Netflix while I sew. I’ve seen the episodes before, so for me it’s background noise. I also pick something that I can watch over again (while not sewing) in case the episode is really good. For music, I love listening to early 80s music or Lady Gaga, anything upbeat.


  12. When my sewing space was in the living room I often watched favorite movies while sewing. But I’ve had a sewing room for six years and am out of the habit. It’s usually just quiet, but occasionally I’ll put on a musical soundtrack.

  13. I heart Jeff Buckley.

  14. The biggest distraction for me is the computer, followed by the TV. The computer actually stops me from getting work done, while the TV makes me lose focus and make mistakes. I like music, lately I’ve been letting my ipod play through the songs in alphabetical order. Sounds weird, but it’s better than random as I have some idea what’s coming next, but it’s all stuff I’ve heard before so there’s no getting up to figure out what awesome some is playing on the radio or streaming!
    So cool that you used to sing opera. I love learning little new pieces of information about sewing bloggers that have nothing to do with sewing!

  15. I throw my ipod on shuffle and let in run in the back while I sew. Sometimes it leads to impromtu dance parties in my sewing room, but mostly it provides a nice background noise so I can focus on the project at hand.

  16. I’m a big fan of listening to audiobooks while I sew. Although I do tend to pause them of I’m doing any instruction reading.

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