Quick post with pictures

I am jammed for time here.  I would love to wax poetic about the PR Shopping day this past weekend.  To tell you how awesome it was to meet Robin IRL.  How great it was to see old friends.  But let me get straight to the goodies, because time is short here at Chez Elizabeth.

Our group was so large, we had to split into two groups for the first two stores which opened specially for us, Metro Textiles and Elliott Berman.  I spent most of my fabric budget at these stores. 

At Elliott Berman I bought a Missoni sweater knit which will become a fall tunic (pattern TBD) and a beautiful silk (TNT sheath dress anyone?).

Elliott Berman

Then I really went wild at Metro Textiles.  Kashi had so many great fabrics.  I bought this gorgeous, I mean gorgeous wool silk boucle in gun metal grays and he had a matching silk charmeuse.  I also bought a metallic gray knit for a date night top. 

Metro Textiles

Closeup of boucle

Then I couldn’t pass up this wool knit in purple, my favorite color.  And who could leave there without the ubiquitous border knit?!

Metro Textiles

Let’s not forget the silk charmeuse (on the right in the picture below) to line my fall coat and my first double knit for a, wait for it, sheath dress. I have a feeling one never forgets their first double knit.  *sigh*  On the left, is my only fabric from Parons, a mauve tweed.  I heart tweed. 

Parons and Metro Textile

By the time we reached Parons I think we were all fabric fatigued.  But it was a fun day.  Again, so glad that so many people came to shop from locales far and wide. 

And, now I know you were all wondering if I finished my dress for my cousin’s wedding which is this weekend.  Well….

I did.  I’ll do a full review of all the alterations I made when I am back from the Midwest, but for now…  Here are some pictures to tide you over.

Hope you all have a great week and Labor Day weekend!

31 responses to “Quick post with pictures

  1. Elizabeth – the dress is fanatastic!!! Have a great time at the wedding! It was a delight to meet you on Saturday. Thank you again for arranging the day.

  2. Wowee!! That is a fabulously fitting dress! Nice work!

  3. Anita M Cartolano

    Fabulous! What a great job!

  4. OOH. Fabulous!!!

  5. Gorgeous dress! It’s a great match of style to fabric, too. So where are the opera-length gloves? 😉

  6. Whoops. The poison ivy’s drying up.

  7. I love what you did with the fit! It doesn’t even look like the same pattern ;). Gorgeous.

    I’m not even going to go there on the fabrics, I am jonesing to fabric-shop and I just can’t right now.

  8. You look amazing! You are going to knock them dead at the wedding!

  9. What a lovely dress!

  10. Another lovely dress, and you look terrific in it!

  11. Dress looks great! So glad you got it finished. Good fabric haul!

  12. Fab new fabrics! And in such flattering colours! I’m covety on that grey boucle. You’re going to get some mileage out of that puppy! (Tell me you’re making the Chanel jacket with it and I might just have make a trip to NYC to steal it!)

    Your dress is gorgeous and fits so well. I hope it makes you feel as confident as you look!

  13. The dress is gorgeous… and have a great time at the wedding.

  14. That dress looks amazing. The fit is spot on and I love that fabric. Perfect for the dress.

  15. This version of your TNT is my favorite. The scooped neckline is very flattering.

  16. Great purchases! Can’t wait to see what they’re turned into! My jaw just dropped… Your dress is fabulous and it fits you so well!!!

  17. Your dress turned out simply gorgeous. I made a skirt from that VW fabric and still have a few yards left. It is a fabulous fabric.

  18. Your new version of the dress is beautiful…as are your new fabric purchases…

  19. What a fabulous dress! It will be perfect for a labor day wedding.

  20. Love the new dress! It fits you perfectly and I love it with those shoes. Very stylish. Have fun!

  21. The fit is fab!

  22. You are rocking that dress, you sexy mama you! Did you end up interlining it with organza? Just curious. Great job on it. You’ll reach for this dress again and again!

  23. Sewista Fashionista

    You look beautiful in the sheath dress. Your fit is terrific! The fabric shopping sounds like a blast. I am so envious as I am on a fabric fast so that I use up some of my stash that is getting way out of hand.

  24. Oooh, great fabric finds. I am sad I could not attend the shopping day but it was probably for the best, given the size of my stash already.

    Love the dress! The fit is breathtaking.

  25. You look stunning! I love the dress, it fits you well!

  26. Wow!! The fit is great. You are going to wow everybody at the wedding.

  27. The dress rocks! It is so beautiful. I love your boucle.

  28. How I would love to go fabric shopping in NYC…

    Anyway, that dress is such a winner. The fit was well worth taking the time over.

  29. Amazing fit on the dress for the wedding, it looks gorgeous. And I totally love all the fabrics you picked too, maybe I could get you to be my NY fabric agent!!

  30. you look fantastic in that dress! great work.

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