As I mentioned in my last post, the wonderful Robin and Karen nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award.

Thank you both again!  My part in accepting this award is to share ten things about myself that people don’t know about me and nominate five other people.  This list is going to be hard since I’m a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person.  I don’t have much hidden from sight.  So here goes…

  1. I’ve read The Lord of the Rings 11 times, long before it was “fashionable”.  Probably the last reading was in early 2000.  I love these books, so much so that I read a biography of J.R.R. Tolkien to find out more about the genesis of the works.
  2. Related to #1: I started reading TLOTR because I mistakenly thought my father liked the books.  I found a box of his college things when I was a teenager and within it was the entire trilogy.  Thinking that he liked the books, I read them and got hooked on Fantasy/Sci Fi ever since.  Years later (think 20 years later), I mentioned this to my dad and he said that he never liked those books and could never get into them.  Go figure!  Why did he keep them all those years???
  3. I am a terrible joke/story-teller.  Really!  Ask everyone I’ve ever known.  If there ever was a biography written about me, it would be entitled, “Unintentionally Funny”. 
  4. I am very particular about how my dishwasher is loaded.  If anyone loads my dishwasher in what I consider a sub-optimal fashion, I will change it to my preferred loading style.
  5. I used to be an aggressive driver before I moved to NYC, but my driving now might best be described as Old Granny style.  I rarely drive now and on the rare occasion that it is required, I am quite nervous about it.  I white-knuckled it a couple of years ago from Napa to Sonoma over the mountains.  I had a line of 15 cars behind me honking the entire way.  I would have pulled over to let them pass, but there was nowhere to pull over. 
  6. I sang from the age of about 12 until I was 34.  Opera.  I gave it up 8 yrs ago and haven’t sung a note since.  Oh I’ve sung a lullaby or two in the years since I quit, but not what I consider real singing.  As a matter of fact, my son asks me not to sing.  I miss performing and the collaboration with other musicians.  But I do NOT miss auditioning and being poor.
  7. My mother gave me my first voice lesson.  I remember it clearly as if it just happened.  I was in my jr high school choir and wanted to try out for one of the solos.  I sang it for my mom and asked her how I could make it better.  She suggested that I sing with vibrato.  I don’t even think she knew the term vibrato, so she demonstrated it for me.  That was the first time I used vibrato.  I nailed the audition and I got the solo.  My voice comes from my mom; she has a beautiful voice.
  8. At one point, I knew all the singing parts to Handel’s Messiah.  And I mean all.  Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, and Baritone/Bass choral parts and all of the solo parts.  I sang the Messiah every Christmas for years and sitting in on all those rehearsals can get tedious no matter how good the music.  So I decided to keep it interesting and learned all the parts.  I can’t say that I remember them all now, but it was fun learning them. 
  9. I have good hearing and I have bad hearing.  I have really bad hearing when there’s a lot of background noise, but put me in a silent room and I can hear someone farting two floors below me.  This hearing is especially irksome when you are trying to concentrate on a complicated sewing skill and you keep hearing a BOOM BOOM BOOM from your next door neighbor’s stereo.  Ask me how I know this?  😉  
  10. I have never considered myself a creative person.  Really.  I thought singing wasn’t creative because as an opera singer, you are just singing music someone else has written; singing was a skill I could do.  I can’t draw, not even stick figures.  I can’t write fiction.  I sew from patterns; I’m not a designer.  The first time I considered myself a creative person was when I started working with mosaics and created pieces from my own imagination. 

Phew!  But now that that’s over, I have to nominate others.  I have to admit there are too many people I would like to nominate, so I will cop out and nominate anyone reading this post or on my blog list.  Sorry!

And in sewing news…  I have finally gotten off my arse and started my fall coat.  See below for the evidence. 

I am sewing up the muslin tonight and will hopefully have muslin-y pictures to show you tomorrow.

Happy sewing everyone!


9 responses to “Stuff

  1. Very interesting list – the “granny-esque” driving surprises me. But I guess when you get out of practice I can see how that happens.

    Can’t wait to see that muslin!

  2. I am the same with hearing, the good and bad thing. I can’t focus while talking on the phone if the TV is on, but I hear drip-drip-drip out of the sink from the other room..grrr!
    I’m also a terrible joke-teller. My guy says to me, after reading one of my blog posts, “You know, you’re much funnier in print.” What??!!
    Very cool about the singing! I love reading these things, so fun to learn more than just about sewing 🙂

  3. Elizabeth, really interesting to read those things about you. I can relate to the hearing too but not to the driving. However, if I lived in New York it could be a completely different matter … 😉
    Well done on getting your coat started.

  4. Well, I’m the same type of driver as you. I’ve been in many similar situations as you described. I’m thinking of getting a bumper sticker that says “please have mercy on me, I’m a Grand-Mother”.

  5. Interesting list. I, too, can tell neither story nor joke without messing it up. I am very particular about the loading of the dishwasher. I probably knew all the parts of Handel’s “Messiah” in seventh grade because my mom was the church organist, and also since that time I would often sing a church hymn in parts (soprano for verse 1, alto for verse 2, etc.). Even now, you might be the only person in the room to know what song I’m singing because I tend to sing anything but the melody line.

  6. Oh, and my hearing is variable, too!

  7. Whaaaaat?! No secrets? By my arithmetic you are telling us you are 34+8 years old. I DO NOT believe it. If it is true, you hold the secret to eternal youth and you are holding out on us! Tell us, now! Pretty please…. (Or tell me there is something wrong with my reading skills.)

  8. It’s funny – I majored in piano in college, but music isn’t a creative outlet for me at all because I don’t make up my own songs. Quilting is totally my creative outlet, though, and cooking, and even sewing clothes for the fact that I can pair fabrics with patterns and the occasional embellishment/accessorization.

  9. Like the list – especially the singing & owning up to the reading. Love a bit of fantasy & sci-fi myself.

    Cannot believe you are that age 🙂

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