S2311 muslin

There are two things I want to discuss today folks.  So, buckle up! 

First, my Simplicity 2311 muslin for the sewalong.  Here’s a refresher on what the finished coat looks like (top left, the short camel version).  


I cut a straight sz 14 in heavy weight muslin (think of it as almost like painting canvas).  I found this weight to be extremely helpful to give an accurate read of how the coating would drape if a bit ravelly.  It took me forever last night to get to a point where I could try on the muslin (more on why later).  Essentially I got to the point where you attach the sleeves.  I believe they instruct you to sew them on in the flat as opposed to in the round.  But it was late and I wanted to see the fit, so I skipped that and basted the side seams.   

The verdict?  I.  LOVE.  THIS.  COAT.  I love the wide lapels.  I love the princess seams in front.  The back needs some fitting but luckily enough there’s a CB seam to play with.  I think I might take some bulk out of the shoulder blade area through to the waist, but that’s about it. This coat is going to rock!!!  I was scared of the princess seams, but they were really easy to sew.  I didn’t need to clip anything to get them to lay flat.  Weird!  The collar and lapel have a great shape and lie around my neck and shoulders beautifully.  And I didn’t even do the inside facing/over collar yet.  This is a really well-drafted pattern.   

I’ve decided that I won’t interline this coat.  I’m intending it to be a fall coat, something transitional and more like an accessory rather than true outerwear.  So, even though I bought cotton flannel for it, I am just going to use the purple wool coating and silk charmeuse lining for this coat.  But I could totally see myself making the longer version for a more substantial winter coat next year.   

I wish I had a picture of me wearing the muslin, but I was too tired and not camera ready last night, so here’s a totally craptastic shot with my iphone to tide you over.  


Thea is coming over tonight to help me fit the back and show me how to sew the back to the front better.  I had major problems sewing that part last night and just did a down and dirty job of it in the muslin to see how it looked on.   

And speaking of problems…  I had an awful time using my Featherweight last night.  AWFUL!!!  I almost dragged out my Emerald 183 from retirement.  I couldn’t get the bobbin to wind correctly and smoothly so my bobbin thread kept getting stuck and then breaking.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.  One time when it broke, something jolted the needle thread tension discs and now they are really loose.  I hope I didn’t break my “new” Featherweight.  I guess the honeymoon is over.  😦   As a matter of fact, I am probably going to un-retire the Emerald 183 to sew my final coat.  I don’t want to slow down the making of this coat due to machine temperamentality.  

Happy sewing everyone.


12 responses to “S2311 muslin

  1. Lookin’ good so far! A transitional coat is on my docket too.

  2. Looks great so far!

  3. Awesome! Is the heavyweight muslin not too stiff? I’m using a twill for my Lady Grey muslin, which seems too soft, but I felt like the heavyweight would be too stiff. Thanks!

  4. Oh no! Hopefully you can figure out what is wrong with the machine soon (and inexpensively!) I’m anxiously waiting to see how the coat comes along! 🙂

  5. Love your coat! It looks great so far! I wish I could find a sewing friend that lived close to me! I think you would be the perfect neighbor!

  6. Love the coat! and what about a little bit of machine oil

  7. Glad to hear there are no major fitting issues. I recently acquired that pattern.

  8. The coat sounds lovely and how wonderful that it fits you so well already. Looking forward to seeing that purple fabric!

  9. Of all the things I have sewn, I have yet to make a coat for myself. I can’t wait to see how your’s turns out- I think it will be fabulous! I hope you get your machine problem fixed- that is the worst when the machine stops all progress, ugg!

  10. I think your coat is going to be wonderful. I’m making a purple coat too. Congratulations on getting a really close fit on the first go round.

  11. Elizabeth, this may be something you already know. But, your “new” machine problem sounds like one I had when I got my Emerald about a year ago. I have had both Singers and a Kenmore in the past. I set up my new Emerald using one of my old bobbins and started with such enthusiasm. The next thing I know the machine stops, thread tangled. After repeated attempts without success, I thought I must be doing something wrong.

    Lo and behold, it wasn’t me or the machine. The bobbins from my old machines are not the same size as the bobbins needed for the Emerald. Even though to look at them you would never know that. Is it possible that you are using a bobbin of the wrong size/type in your new machine?

    I sure hope you get it figured out. I know the disappointment you are feeling.

  12. Hope your machine works better soon. Can’t wait to see more of the coat.

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