Muslin-y Pictures of S2311

Last night’s session with Thea was very successful.  I continue to be excited about this coat.  I just adore this pattern.  Did I mention that it is well-drafted???  And the collar/lapel is just about as perfect as can be.  LOVE. THIS. COAT.

So, I realized some errors I had made, but it’s all good.  No animals were harmed in the making of this muslin.  😉   I forgot I had changed the seam guide on my Featherweight from 5/8ths to 1/2 inch, so all my seam allowances were an 1/8th off. 

Oh, and I figured out why my bobbin thread kept breaking.  Now this is just a theory as I have not really researched it, but I think the needle position must be in its highest position when you pull out your work.  I think the way the machine works is that having the needle position high changes the way the bobbin releases the bobbin thread.  Oh maybe I’m on crack here, but it’s just a theory.  I experimented last night with keeping the needle up at its highest position whenever I removed my work after a seam and I had no problems whatsoever with the bobbin thread all night.  So, I think I’m on to something here.  However, this mild success in using the Featherweight did not convince me to use it for this coat.  I am still going to use my Emerald 183.  I think I need to practice on the Featherweight with less complicated, less important projects first before I sew something like a coat.

Thea helped me fit my coat.  She agreed with me that the fit was basically fine but I could use some shaping in the back to remove some of the bulk there.  The pattern provides a center back seam, but there is not much if any shaping in it, so we added about a 3/4 inch of shaping out from the waist tapering to the hem and yoke.  It looks great now.  We inserted the sleeve pretty easily.  Thankfully there is not an excess amount of ease in the sleeve cap, so very little easing was required.  There was also easing for the elbow which I love.  Gives great shaping to the line of the arm as well as being practical for something pointy like an elbow.  I should mention that I was mistaken about the pattern calling for sewing on the sleeves in the flat.  I just misread them because they have you jump around the instruction sheets from Coat A to Coat B instructions. 

Thea also helped me figure out how to attack the back yoke to the front and collar better.  The pattern itself is missing some markings, so that was part of my problem. The other was not know how to properly sew a squarish u-shaped piece to a straight piece.  I will explain that later.  Ingenious method though. 

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the muslin on me!  I wore a suit jacket to fill out the coat a bit.  I am really pleased with the fit and look of this coat and can’t wait to start cutting out the purple wool.  Please ignore the goofy faces.

Note: the muslin is really stiff. the wool has a softer drape.

Again, the back will be smoother in the softer wool

Happy sewing everyone!


13 responses to “Muslin-y Pictures of S2311

  1. It looks really great, Elizabeth!! The fit is perfect!

  2. Looking good!

  3. Oh your muslin looks SO GOOD!!
    And I am glad you figured out what might be causing the Featherweight frustration. I had a similar experience with my machine. For a few months I was struggling with poor stitch quality (ie cussing a lot) and a week ago, I noticed the tension was set to 6, when it should the “normal” is 5. I switched it back to 5 and it has been sewing perfectly since then.
    I am still holding my breath, but it does seem to have solved the problem.
    Your coat is going to be gorgeous!

  4. The muslin looks great! Fit is wonderful! Everyone is making coats. I need to jump on the bandwagon!

  5. The muslin looks great. This is going to be one marvelous coat!

  6. That’s looking terrific!

  7. Looking good!! I’m excited for you, too! Glad you’re enjoying the process. I’m enjoying my Lady Grey process.

  8. Wow, that REALLY looks good enough to wear itself!

  9. Looks really good!!

  10. I think you’re right about the needle needing to be in the most upright position. If it’s only part way up, the last stitch isn’t properly formed. Sometimes more than one thread comes out of the bobbin hole that way, too.
    The muslin looks great! I am getting pumped to make a coat for fall, too!

  11. Your muslin does look good! Thea did a great job helping you work out those last few fit pieces. You are going to look great walking the two blocks to work in your new purple coat!!!

  12. That muslin looks terrific! I too think you’re right about the bobbin thread and the needle being in the highest position. The old machines are particular about things like that, where the modern ones are not. It’s also related to not turning the handwheel back while the machine is threaded. Bobbin thread will break and/or jam every time. It’s actually being cut by the bobbin hook, I think.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your coat progress.

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