Slow down, you move too fast


Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s poll and for sharing your great advice. A lot of the advice was to tell me to slow down and to go with the process. I will definitely do that. The overwhelming voting result was to interface. I put in an order with Pam Erny’s interfacing supply site. But I just found out it won’t arrive here until Thursday. I can’t wait that long people to work on my coat.

Coat update: I cut out the lining two nights ago using cans from my pantry as weights instead of pinning the silk. This method worked great until I realized that one of the cans had oil or grease at the bottom which stained through the pattern onto both layers of silk of the back pattern piece. Needless to say, I was pretty shredded about this.


Long story short: I braved the torrential rain and tornado warnings today to go uptown to Kashi’s Metro Textiles in the garment district for a little retail therapy. I went because I was on a mission for interfacing, but thought I could stop at Kashi’s too. I went to Kashi’s first actually and ended up staying there the entire time. I knew he sold muslin, so I asked him if sold interfacing. He answered what kind; I knew right then and there I wasn’t going anywhere else. He gave me a medium weight fusible interfacing that I think will be great for my jacket for $2/yd. Carolyn had put a bug in my ear about his double knits, so I bought the black and brick-red for my collection. I already had the dark charcoal from the NY Shopping day at the end of August. I also bought one yard of the silk charmeuse so I can recut the back lining without a grease stain, thank you very much! But the piece de resistance was the Ralph Lauren wool suiting in a lovely dark charcoal in a great medium weight with a great drape. Did I mention it was great? Lurve it! I bought 3 yds of that as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make with it. Mmm mmm good!

T to B: RL Wool, silk charmeuse lining, red d-knit, black d-knit, interfacing

FYI: Kashi will provide a swatching service every three months of all his new arrivals. Call him to sign up! Also, he has tons of new fabrics in right now. It was difficult to be focused while I was there today. 😉

My plans for tonight? Testing my interfacing, recutting the back lining and whatever else I can get done. Wish me luck!

What are your plans for the evening?


9 responses to “Slow down, you move too fast

  1. OHHH I am so jealous of the Ralph Lauren wool! And how annoying on the dirty cans. That sounds like something that would happen to me. I signed up for Kashi’s list but haven’t gotten anything. I wonder if something from him will be arriving soon?!

    I bought some suiting fabric at the ASE and took it to my dry cleaner this morning to be pre-cleaned along with a few other wool suiting pieces I had. Chomping at the bit to get going on a suit as I had to wear a RTW one for my meeting on Friday and I was so.dissatisfied with the fit.

  2. You just can’t beat a bit of retail therapy sometimes, I remember my visit to Metro well and spent an age in there myself, you found some great pieces!

  3. I know exactly how you feel – I don’t particularly like projects that take too long to complete. I envy (just a little bit) you city girls who live or work so close to Metro Textile. I’ve been extremely blessed to be able to visit the fashion district not once, but twice during the past two summers for just one day each time. I’ll tell you, I really don’t think I could take more than one day of it. After all I do still need a place to live (lol). I’ll be calling Kashi really soon to get on that mailing list. That would be the next best thing to being there. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your new coat.

  4. Hah! I did that exact same thing with a can two years ago. Left a faint ring right on the front of a jacket which I didn’t discover until it was completely finished.

  5. I am shredded too! I just snipped through my wool crepe fabric while clipping tailors tacks! Not just minutes before, said to myself, “be careful you don’t cut the fabric!” UGH! I have patched it with a little piece of fusible interfacing hoping it won’t be too noticeable? BUT it is definitely stiffer in that spot and it is where the zipper finishes. Will that patch hold up to use of a zipper… I may have enough to cut another piece (I think I have just enough) but ALL OF THAT THREAD TRACING AND TAILOR TACKING! =(

  6. I’m loving that red. Gutting about the can! I’ve had some annoying moments of my own. My ironing board gets put to work in the kitchen, which means I need to make sure my work surfaces are spotless of grease before I put anything down… You can guess the rest. They haven’t always been spotless. Oh, the temper tantrums that ensue!

  7. Retail therapy is very effective. I looked at Kashi’s double knits last time I was there, and kind of wish I’d gotten some. But really, I do not need more fabric!!!

  8. Sorry about the grease stains… that’s no fun! I love the fabric you picked up… I miss NYC and the fabric stores…. sigh.

  9. I know I’m dating myself, but my pattern weights of choice are VHS tapes. They are flat and easy to move around. I just dust them off and I’m ready to work.


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