1. Can one really have too much purple in their wardrobe?  A: I think not!
  2.   What do my recent wool coat and my soon to be new sheath dress have in common? A: Plum thread.

 A pleasant happenstance this evening, while choosing thread for my new sheath dress, was that I didn’t need to rethread my sewing machine.  Why?  Because the thread I used for my coat was just the right shade for my new sheath dress.  I think I have just enough thread for the project too.  How cool is that?! 

I don’t know if I’ve admitted it before, but purple is my favorite color.  And while I haven’t indulged that much in it in my wardrobe in the past, I have begun to notice a purple trend in my stash lately.  Oh, I may have conveniently forgotton that one of my winter coats is purple.  And did I mention that I recently bought purple corduroy to duplicate my father’s jacket?  I don’t think I am going to use that corduroy for this jacket now though.  I mean, how can I get away with 3 jackets/coats that are purple???  That’s just a purple overload. 

I may need to join Purple Lovers Anonymous.

I made decent progress on my dress tonight.  I could have pushed my limits and finished all the darts on the lining too tonight, but I am sensibly knocking off early.  I don’t really have any thread that matches my lining and I need to buy a zipper, so I will just wait until I can pop over to P&S tomorrow and check out their selection of thread and zippers.  I like to be matchy matchy like that.  That’s just how I roll. 

Happy purplicity everyone.


14 responses to “Purplicity

  1. Purple is my favorite color too!

  2. Nothing wrong with purple ….. and there’s lots of different purples to choose from!

  3. You can’t beat a bit of purple. My favourite accessory is a wide leather purple belt – it brings so many outfits together.

  4. I love me some purples, too. I’d decided that when I get old I will wear purple. Then I got to thinking “what happens if I don’t live long enough to get old?” So I wear purple now.

  5. I’ve noticed a purple trend in my stash too! I finally realized that although I’ve always considered blue to be my favorite color, purple is one of my favorite colors to wear. I just finished my first Beignet skirt in a purple twill!

  6. There is no such thing as too much purple! So you go right ahead and make that purple cord jacket. That way I can use my similar pattern to copy you when I see how awesome it is ;o)

    Can you tell that purple is my favorite, too?

  7. Okay. Now I’m shopping for purple fabric, lol

  8. I get it. For me it’s green – leaning towards lime. It’s almost boring looking at my stash but love every piece of it.

  9. I’ve been admiring purple myself lately.. one of my suiting fabrics I got at Vogue a few weeks ago is a plum herringbone wool. I think it will make a fantastic suit! (I am also working on finishing up the other suit I made, the gray one that had “issues” before.)

  10. I have a lot of wine/magenta colors that aren’t quite purple, and another lot of turquoise, in my list of theoretical clothes. But I’ve been wanting to find some true violet/royal purple, a color sadly missing from my wardrobe.

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  12. There is no such thing as too much purple!!!! It’s my favorite color also…

  13. My Mom’s favorite color was purple and when we were kids my sister and I used to tease her that purple was an old lady’s color. My Mom must be laughing in her grave now at the quanity of purple in my wardrobe and fabric stash. 😉 It has certainly become a favorite of mine.

    Lois K

  14. Who says there’s too much purple in the world???? I’ve loved purple since I was a little girl, and now I’m pushing 50! My daughter came in to the world loving purple! and we are gonna make sure my new granddaughter loves it too!!!

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