Feeling exposed

Saturday night I was happily sewing along on my latest rendition of B5147 in plummy tweed.  I had just finished all my darts (all six of them on the shell) around 10:30pm.  I thought for a moment about starting the darts on the lining when I realized that I didn’t have matching thread for the lining.  Quelle horreur!  Not only that, but I didn’t have a matching zipper! 

That’s the problem with having a notion stash my friends.  You just assume you have all the supplies for every project under the sun.  Well, guess what?  Sometimes you don’t.  So that was my deciding factor to pack it up for the night. 

On Sunday, Jack and I headed over to Purl in Soho to peruse the yarn selection for his annual sweater vest.  I know I said that I probably wasn’t going to make his sweater this year, but I booked the appointment for our yearly pictures and I just can’t stand the thought of not having Jack in one of my sweaters.  Call it narcissism if you must!  After last year’s debacle, I made sure to get a color fast yarn that’s easily washable.  I chose Cascade Superwash 128 in a yummy forest green and an equally yummy ivory.  I still haven’t decided how to use the ivory yet, but will kind of “feel” it as I go I think.  

Jumping into the future:  Since I am an instant gratification person, I had to cast on Sunday night to see how the yarn looked.  I’m using Ann Budd’s book for the sweater vest pattern with a few modifications.  Me likey…

in progress: back of sweater


Back to the past:  Unfortunately, Purl didn’t have a large selection of thread and zippers for my new dress, so Jack and I had to walk over to P&S Fabrics to get those items.  P&S is my go to neighborhood fabric/notions store.  While their fabrics aren’t necessarily the best, you can find some bargains there occasionally and they have a decent selection of notions, buttons and yarn.  I started to panic, however, when they didn’t have an invisible zipper to match my plummy tweed.  What’s a girl to do without an invisible zipper in this modern age???  (Read: I have no idea how to insert any other kind of zipper.)  Near the zipper section, P&S has a few grubby bins filled with one-off zippers, some of them regular zippers that you could use as an exposed zipper.  Since I was already envisioning this dress as more of a jumper than an elegant sheath dress, an exposed zipper might be just the ticket!  There were two that I liked in two different lengths, 18 in and 20 in.  The pattern calls for a 20 in zipper, but an emergency call to Carolyn confirmed that an 18 in zipper would do just as well; I’m not an amazon being only 5 foot 4 inches tall.  And as it so happens, the 18 inch zipper (the one at the top of the picture with the deeper purple tape) is the one I like best with my fabric. 

Of course I have no idea how to insert an exposed zipper.  And of course, I went searching on the internet for a tutorial on how to insert one.  The tutorial I like best so far of all that I found was on the Husqvarna site (click on the exposed zipper tutorial).  That’s the one I will use tonight.

I sewed the darts in the lining last night and started to attach the lining to the dress at the neck.  I had a huge moment of inspiration at that point and am adding more detail to this simple sheath dress pattern to make it my own.  But that’s a post for another day…

I know.  I’m such a tease.  😉  

Happy sewing everyone!


10 responses to “Feeling exposed

  1. I was just at Purl Soho during lunchtime to see if they had Cascade 220 in turquiose for a cardigan I want to knit from the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book. but Purl didn’t have the color. That’ a beautiful green color and you have to love Cascade yarn.

  2. Are you sure you want to do an exposed zip and not a centered zip? I think an exposed insertion would leave the teeth showing, and a centered zip would let the fabric overlap over the zipper itself.

  3. Yes, I am sure. I like the edgy, casual feel that the exposed zip would give to the dress/jumper. I am scared of lapped zippers. 😉

  4. That yarn looks really pretty.

  5. I think the expossed zip will look swell! I have such a hard time making myself buy notions (except in random thrift store baggies, anyway)… I almost always have to run out and get something :P.

  6. What a great link! Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing your dress.

  7. Sewista Fashionista

    Your yarn and knit looks terrific. I will remember Cascade next time I venture into my yarn shop. I like Ann Budd’s books too. I have the one of classic sweater patterns.

  8. Oh, NOW I get it! You didn’t get enough “exposed” zippers on this season of Project Runway? 🙂

    My preferred zipper would be lapped if invisible zipper was not available, but I’m an old fart. 🙂

  9. Love the animation on the Husqvarna site! So cute. I’m working on (another) exposed zip dress right now to add a little edge to a vintage pattern. We’ll be twins!

  10. BTW, I also have a zipper stash, believe it or not, which you are welcome to come raid whenever…

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