People, can you see what’s wrong with the above picture (other than the crappy iPhone quality)?

Two nights ago, I tried on my tweed jumper (aka B5147) and was faced with double trouble.  Let’s just say the girls are not happy.  Now do you see what’s wrong?  There is major boob smooshing going on and not the good kind.

How did this happen?  This is my TNT folks.  Not some random pattern I picked up at a bar.  B5147 and I are going steady.  I thought there might even be a ring in the near future.  I feel betrayed!  Suddenly, B5147 doesn’t return my calls and now this!  Ok, my metaphor is losing steam here.  Seriously though…  My bust dart is about 1 inch too high (looks like I have low hanging fruit, hah!) and the fisheye dart looks too high too. 

What do I do in this situation???  Is it a simple matter of sacrificing the side seam allowances and then the dress will fall to the right level with some room for the girls?  Or do I have to actually release and lower the darts?  FYI, the dress fits everywhere else.  Just the bust is the problem.  Please let me know your suggestions.

I guess all the bad food choices and little exercise are catching up to my meager metabolism, not to mention the too little sleep I’ve been getting of late.  *sigh*  Gravity and aging are not my friends.

In disgust, I turned to knitting Jack’s sweater last night and was hit with another disaster.  My gauge swatch had lied to me and my knitting was 3.5 inches too narrow.  (Is there no loyalty with yarns and fabrics any longer?  They’re just like men!)  I had to frog the entire back and start over.   However, now I am confident I am on the right track with Jack’s sweater, although I am not entirely confident I will get either project done by Sunday when our photo shoot is scheduled.  😦  

Hope your yarn and fabrics are treating you nicer than I have been treated this week.


17 responses to “WTH!!!

  1. I’m a novice so I cannot comment re: re-stitching the darts :), but could you not just cheat for awhile whilst you figure out what to do & wear a different bra to hoist the girls to the right position – I know that if I wear certain T-shirt tops then I need a particular favourite bra to work it’s magic to bring everything into order correctly 😉

  2. I know its a pain, but rip out the dart stitches, the tedious work will be worth it. The other option is keep it as is and pair the dress with a cardigan or blazer.

  3. I think (sorry, my English is poor) the vertical slimming is too long. This is a very simple job, unstich a bit. Look the arch!
    If you don’t like it yet, unstich the horizontal sewing and take down that.
    It’s about 30 minutes and worth it.
    If you’d like to get more help, I’ll send a letter.

  4. I think you need your best (most uplifting) bra and everything might be well. Could there be more “turn of cloth” in this fabric?

  5. Different bra first, if that doesn’t work try the unpicking of the vertical dart suggestion. How is the lining hanging?

  6. With that kind of fabric I don’t think your stitching would show if you changed the darts to do their intended job. Are you wearing the same bra you’ve always worn?

  7. I am no pro, but here is my 2 cents worth…..I think the upper chest is very flattering and fits perfectly. I would release and baste that side dart just a tad lower, and then try it on again. I would also make a narrower side seam just in the bust area if it still feels too tight. Otherwise, I love the fabric and the fit on you. It doesn’t look as though it is outrageously pulled across your bustline, so just a little from the side seams should do it for you. Good luck!!!

  8. Oh no!! I would try a different bra, first, too. I days like that where something goes wrong and you think… I’ll just put that done and work on something else and then that something else is problematic, too. No fun!! I’m sure everything will work out in the end.

  9. Different bra and letting out the shoulder seam about 0,5 cm (if still possible) – that could do the trick, I think.

    Btw, I just added your blog to my links – so I expect a lot of good work 😉

  10. Unfortunately, I would have to completely unpick the entire dress to change the shoulder seams now. 😦 I will try letting out the side seams first and then try lowering both darts. *sigh*

  11. I’m for getting a new bra. With a pushup, all will fit beautifully again :)))

  12. I think the vertical dart should be released first. Maybe then you won’t have to change side seam?

  13. Sewista Fashionista

    I have had the same nasty surpise with a TNT, less ease in certain fabrics. Can you release the bust dart and use a gathering like I see in some vintage patterns? I don’t know the drape of your material though. What about rummaging through your lingerie drawer and seeing if the jumper works with another brassiere? If you are going to lower the darts, why not decrease them just a hair for more ease? Just brainstorming. Can’t wait to see the final fix.

  14. A newer better fitting bra? (That’s assuming you tried the dress on in your weekend, on-its-last-legs, use-it-til-it’s-dead, bra!) 🙂

  15. Marie-Christine

    I’d start by restiching the vertical fisheye darts. Shorter, and thinner. That alone might be all that you need to do. And then if you wish to move the side dart lower, fine..
    A fabric much firmer than usual may be the root cause of the problem? or much thicker? If your fabric is thick, you need to add some ease to deal with that specifically.. next time :-).

  16. Marie-Christine

    PS; thicker fabric -and- lining, there you go! I screwed up my last jacket by making the size that was perfect unlined..

  17. I agree with trying to another 1/2 on the shoulder seams. That should fix it – I am having the same problem with some alterations I may just recently. Ugg, on my third muslin (bodice only). Oh Boo. I can’t wait to see how you solve this sewing conundrum.

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