Quick and easy they said

So after my last wadder and an unsuccessful experiment (I’ll tell you about this one later), I decided to do something for me that was quick and easy.  Everyone one who commented on my tweed travesty suggested that I cleanse my palate with a quick and easy project.  I thought, “Elizabeth, why don’t you make that Burda turtleneck everyone has been raving about on the interwebs!” 


Burda 9-2010-121

I traced it out on Sunday night and would have sewn it too, but for two obstacles. 

  1. It took me forever to trace it out because I couldn’t see the pattern lines on the new Burda pattern sheet.  I even put on my big girl panties and my reading glasses and still could barely make out my three pattern pieces, much less their markings/notches.  Sheesh!  You guys weren’t lying.  I don’t know if I want to put myself through that again.  What if I want to make a more complicated project with lots of markings?  I would for sure miss most of them.  It’s darn near impossible to see all of them.  I have been considering giving up my subscription since I don’t make up a lot of Burda patterns (oh, let’s face it, I’m so slow, I don’t make up a lot of patterns.  Period.), but now I”m definitely not re-upping.  Burda has entered crazy town.  But I digress…
  2. The new show Walking Dead was on and I was too distracted by zombies to sew that night.  Word.

However, last night was a new night and I did several things that ensured this top would end up a wadder. 

  1. I just picked a random vanity size, sz 38.  Because that’s what Karen made, so that’s what I made.  Must. remind. myself. that. I. am. a. Burda. sz. 40. Repeat.
  2. I did not wear my reading glasses and therefore did not realize I was sewing the shirt with the wrong side facing out.
  3. I forgot to stabilize the shoulders.
  4. I tapered the sleeves at the wrist like Eugenia, forgetting that my wrists aren’t fairy-like.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  5. I forgot that I don’t like turtlenecks.  To be fair to myself, I didn’t actually forget as much as ignore.  Karen had mentioned that this top wasn’t a true turtleneck since the neck is cut on and not separate.  I thought that meant I would like it better than a turtleneck.  But combine a quasi-turtleneck neck with too tight of a fit and it’s the perfect storm for Elizabeth to hate it.  I hate having my neck covered and don’t like any fabric to rest on my clavicles ever.  Which is why all my t-shirts have misshapen necklines now, because I tug and pull at them to get them off my neckline and clavicles.

The good news though, is now my sister has a brand new brown bamboo knit turtleneck!  I’m sure she’ll like it because she has none of the neck issues I have and she’s a lot thinner than I am.  And hopefully she won’t read this post and find out the fabric’s inside out.  😉  

I’m not going to bother with a review since my viewpoint is all personal about the pattern rather than objective.  In general, it’s a good pattern.  It’s drafted as well as it can be with a cut on collar (i.e., it’s not going to look fantastic because that causes wrinkling at the neck no matter how perfect the fit for you).  Just know that the sleeves are incredibly long while also being extremely slim fitting.  If I were to make this again, I would widen the sleeves in the bicep area and shorten the sleeves by 2 inches.  Oh what the heck, I guess I will review it on PatternReview anyway later tonight.

What’s next on the plate?  Well, I am expecting a shipment from Fabric.com today with, hopefully, better and softer fabric for my surprise.  Sorry to keep you in the dark still; I am not ready to talk about it yet.  And by the time I can, it will probably be a major let down for you all (it not being a book deal and all).  😉 

We’ll see….   Here’s to wadder-free sewing for you all!


14 responses to “Quick and easy they said

  1. I’m so sorry this pattern didn’t work for you! I love mine, but I can see that neckline bugging you. I actually find myself adjusting it alot, and I like turtlenecks. I’m with you one the tracing though!! This was my first “new pattern sheet” Burda project and it convinced me I wouldn’t renew my subscription either. It’s just to frustrating trying to see through all that mess. If there is a pattern I can’t live without, I’ll just download from Burdastyle – then I can cut it up!! (Gasp!)

  2. Oh you are a HOOT! You know I had a pretty bad spell of “wadders” over the summer months. Completely threw off my sewing mojo. Can’t say that I’m completely in the clear either. Though I did finish one project successfully last month. Funny, I always find the quick and easy projects to be rather difficult for me. They always end up wrong. Always!

  3. Oh I know all about the issues with Burda’s economy drive on pattern printing! I have twice mistraced a piece where the line crossed from another pattern with the same colour. It is a pain! As for the notches, now I look at the pattern layout in the magazine, find where all the notches are located and use a felt tip pen to mark them on the pattern before tracing so I can’t miss them. It is too too easy, especially with the red lines, to miss them altogether and that’s a pain when it comes to matching things later! We can all relate to your frustrations of making a pattern when you love it on someone else, and know in your heart you can’t pull it off. But hey, I am a firm believer in taking risks, and you never really know until you try.

  4. Marie-Christine

    The whole point is for the neck to wrinkle artistically, matching the very-long sleeves which must wrinkle too. If you wanted a turtleneck with sleeves the ‘right’ length and a smooth neck, you should just mail-order one (but it sounds like you don’t anyway :-)).

  5. Bummer! I had pretty good luck with this one. On the other hand, I can never fit or look good in a sheath dress and you make so many gorgeous ones that really suit you (recent wadder excluded, of course!) For me, I have to turn to craft sewing now because of Xmas looming. By January, I’ll be ready to throw myself back into dressmaking.

  6. Thank you. It is soooo nice to know I’m not alone in my sewing mishaps. Love your humorous take on it all.

  7. Oh no!! There are so many good versions of this shirt that I thought about making it, too. Thanks for reminding me that just because it looks good on others it doesn’t mean I have to make it, especially when I don’t even like turtlenecks! 🙂 Hope you next project comes out spectacular!

  8. Oh Elizabeth! I love reading your blog. 😉
    Sorry to hear about the turtleneck wadder, it is disappointing to put that effort in and it doesn’t work out. I’m sure your sister will enjoy using it.

  9. I can relate to your post as I hate turtlenecks and also have decided not to renew my bwof subscription after realizing I sew exactly none of the patterns! For every TNT I find I have to slog thru 3 or 4 total disasters, it seems.

  10. This is why I don’t sew knits anymore: They become wadders so much easier than wovens do. Don’t ask me why, they just do.

  11. Mmmm – sorry yours didn’t work out for you. It’s so frustrating when things don’t turn out how you envisaged them to be – but at least you can see the funny side of it. I have to agree with Lindsay that knits can be problematic – they seem to have a mind of their own. Good luck with the next project!

  12. Sewista Fashionista

    Very clever funny post! I’m sorry your easy knit shirt turned into such a bear. Hopefully Burda will keep up with the comments I am hearing on the blogs and amend their ways.

  13. Sorry about this wadder (I know about wadders) – but at least your sister will have a new top. It seems quite a few people are not happy with BWOF lately because of the same issue you mentioned.

  14. So sorry this didn’t work for you. You will find that over time as you learn more about what you like and don’t like that you actually become more refined and selective – that is a good thing. Also – there really isn’t a “wrong” side of the fabric. You are free to use whichever side you like – the only problem is when you mix the sides. I always do a (big) chalk mark on what I want to be the “wrong” side as I am guilty of messing that up from time to time. We learn from every garment we make – wadder or not. Here’s to no more wadders in 2010!

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