I have been sewing and sewing my friends.  Sewing my little heart out on my super secret surprise.  It’s taking a surprisingly long time to finish my little surprises.  There have been unanticipated hiccups, longer than anticipated processes and constant tinkerings.  The old adage to test your stitches on each new fabric has proven itself over and over again. 

While I am pleased to be working on my super secret surprise, I am missing my dressmaking.  I am missing working on something for me to wear.  After my recent realization that I am getting fat and crabby sassy, I thought I would be thankful for the break from sewing for myself and my TNT resistant body. 

But I must be more “selfish” than I thought because I miss sewing something for myself.  Although I love the holiday season, I almost can’t wait for it to be over so I can get back to making dresses and skirts. 


Jack and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family and my best friend Cayce.  Yesterday, we put up our Christmas tree.  Jack was extremely helpful; I loved seeing him have a strong opinion as to where each ornament should be placed.  He seemed to favor the cluster style…

Happy sewing everyone!


5 responses to “Jonesing

  1. I was wondering how you and Jack were doing! Glad to hear that Thanksgiving went well. Can’t wait to see the secret sewing and now you know why I buy Christmas gifts and sew for myself! *LOL*

  2. Beautiful tree! I’ve been very crabby lately due to not getting enough (any) selfish sewing in. I may have to resolve next year to only sew for myself (as if!).

  3. The tree looks great!! I haven’t been feeling like sewing much after work lately, and have been pretty busy on the weekends – but I did just cut the Mood pinstripe fabric Carolyn helped me pick out for a new B5147. Just posted a sweater too…

  4. Love your tree! You’ll be sewing again for you soon.

  5. The tree is adorable! Jack is a great helper I see.

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