Barely treading water

With my blog reading that is…  I can’t believe how the sewing blogosphere has exploded over the past year.  Every time I turn around, there’s a new sewing blogger that I want to check out.  I think my google reader has over 250 subscriptions.  I am so behind in reading and making comments, it’s scary.  And to put salt on the wound, I am blocked from commenting on blogs at my day job, so I am forced to choose between blog commenting or sewing in the evenings.  I think you know which one I’m choosing, right?

How do you handle all of your blog reading?


21 responses to “Barely treading water

  1. Hi Sweetie,

    It’s scary to know that you have 250 blogs to comment on and are behind. When do you get any sleep? : )

    Love, Mom

  2. Mom is right!

  3. I don’t. Not very well, that is. I have about as much blogs to read as you do and once in a while I decide I really need to make choices and delete a lot of them. But somehow, after I do that, I always seem to find tons of gorgeous new blogs that I HAVE to follow that same day again. It’s crazy, it really is. But I guess I still think it’s fun enough to keep trying to make it work 🙂

  4. I’m lucky I guess, I only follow the blogs that have a certain writing style that I like. So my list has only 41 blogs. I’ll confess that I’m not always the best about commenting either–sometimes I feel silly just reiterating “good job” or “how cute!” just like everyone else does. Doesn’t stop me from doing it sometimes though. 😉 Try to find a style of blogger that really appeals to your taste–for example, I like humorous, self-depreciating, or snarky…but I don’t like the blogs that constantly wax philosophical or are overly boastful (look how good I am! I made something that I’ll never wear, but it’s “couture” dammit!) Don’t feel like you need to follow everyone or comment on every post, you are allowed to play favorites. 🙂

  5. I have about 30-40 blogentries to read every day, plus links that interest me. Usually, that’s very ok since I’m still a student and spend quite a bit of time on the internet. If I’m somewhere for the weekend or doing work-experience (like now), they tend to pile up to unimaginable heights, though… I still try to comment on the post I really like but some I just skim through…

  6. Always listen to mom!

  7. I feel your pain! There are so many interesting people doing inspiring things. You are right though, reading blogs all the time can really cut into one’s sewing time! But it is such an enjoyable way to while away an hour…or two!

  8. Okay…if you are treading then I must be sinking! I don’t know what has happened to me in the last 6 mos. There was a time that I sewed, blogged and read blogs…now I can’t fit any of it in my day like I would like! I guess it is life! I tend to visit my favorites on a daily…weekly jaunt. And well, there hasn’t been much sewing so I have nothing to blog about…. I always enjoy your posts…keep it up!!

  9. I do the best I can! I have 270 blogs in my google reader and usually a ton of unread posts at any given time. Just read when you can, and if you feel really strongly then leave comments, otherwise use your ‘free’ time doing whatever inspires you most. It’s not email – you don’t *have* to respond to everything. That’s what I tell myself anyways! I wish I could read and comment every single thing that comes across my reader. But if we did, we’d be tied to the computer and never have anything new to share on our own blogs 🙂
    Hope that helps, somewhat, and don’t let it feel like homework!

  10. I add – and delete – blogs to my reader on a whim. Like you, I have too many to read, but at least I can speed-read, and I never read all the words, anyway …

  11. I used to spend lots of time at work blogging – reading blogs, commenting and writing my own blog. Then I decided I really should be doing what they’re paying me for and now I can’t keep up! I quickly scan through Google Reader, but I feel like I’m taking full advantage of all the blogs out there.

  12. For me, blog friends are like real friends – there are some you see all the time, some you catch up with regularly and some you only manage to get together with once and a while. There’s a whole lot of reasons why people fall into different categories and that’s just the way it is. I used to blog much more frequently – but when I realised how much time putting a post together took, I thought to myself that I’d rather save it for commenting on other’s blogs or making stuff myself. At the end of the day it comes down to priorities – what gives you the most pleasure and sense of reward ?

  13. I follow about 30 sewing blogs. They are my igoogle home page. I check every morning for new posts, about 15 minutes. I make mental notes on those that will require a closer read and try to do that at night when I get home from work. 250 sewing blogs? I’m checking your blogroll to see who I need to add.

  14. I only read a few blogs but yours is one of them.

  15. I saw your post and looked at my google reader and it said I had 450 unread posts. Hehe… I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I just mark all of them as read when it gets overwhelming like that. I don’t like to unsubscribe since I can search through all the posts I subscribe to. There just needs to be more hours in a day! 🙂

  16. Well, I think you know how I’m resolving this issue – I *can* comment on blogs during the day at work (like I am right now) but with everything going on, I just haven’t had the time. (Darn that actual working stuff.) At night I’ve been sewing and actually haven’t been making the time to either write or read blogs (as you know.) It makes me a little sad as I’ve met so many friends, like you, through blogging and I feel like I’m being a bad friend 😦

  17. Rather than a blog reader of some kind. I keep a Word list of blogs and limit the length, adding and deleting what works. I’m lucky to have an hour each morning to click through and read. It’s become such a part of my routine that it’ll be an adjustment when that changes… which it will… since I’m looking for a job. ANYWAY… my point was that limiting the length of the list makes me very picky about what I read and keeps the content relevant.

  18. LOL! That’s it! I had over 300 around Thanksgiving! Playing catch up isn’t easy but I try to keep up with it. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

    I find that skimming some information is best. Besides I don’t comment often either. That saves lots of time!

    Good Luck catching up! I have 56 more to read after yours!

    Be Encouraged!

  19. I use Google reader too. I skim through blogs when I have some dead time at work, but I don’t feel obligated to keep up with reading blogs. At night I sew, so I don’t go online either. Also since I work in IT/web development, I rarely want to be on the computer when I’m home.

  20. I’m telling myself that I can’t read everything and can’t comment on all the posts I’m reading. Like some said, I too have learned to prioritize. Sometimes I take a break from work (I work on my own and can define my own working hours) and read a few posts in the reader and occassionally comment and then go back to work. I’m trying not to spend too much time on the internet (but it’s hard).

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