This Saturday is the start of my evil plan to take over the world sewing one stitch at a time.  After that I am taking a much deserved break from the secret super surprise and before I start making my kids pj’s for Xmas.  I am going to make something for me, Me, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


As I mentioned before, I am jonesing to make something from my small doubleknit collection.  Maybe the grey with some black accents.  Or black and red.  I haven’t had a chance to look through my hefty pattern collection yet, but I perused the selection at ButtMcVogue.  I would have liked to search by fabric type, but that kind of search option is not available on their sites.  Um, ButtMcVogue, it would be great if your search mechanism was a bit more robust please.  I settled, instead to look at all the dress offerings and then looking at what fabrics were suggested for each.  I wanted a slightly fitted dress to take advantage of the stretch of the doubleknit, but nothing too skin tight.  I don’t want to be asked again when my baby is due like I was asked this past weekend.  Can you believe it????  I was so pissed and then so depressed about it.  Where’s a white chocolate bar when you most need it?  Needless to say, I have been back to running.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing like someone saying you look so fat you might be pregnant to motivate you.

There was a sale at ButtMcVogue this past week, so I picked up a few patterns…

Butterick 5559

Remember how I saw someone at work wearing this exact dress???? 

Vogue 8409

Love this dress but may be a little low cut for work. 

Vogue 8666

I love how with this one you can use two different colors.  I wonder how I would color block if I use the view with the sleeves.  Keep the sleeves the main color or the accent color.  What do you think?

I have to look at what I already own too that would work well for double knits.  I’m sure I have at least 5 or 6 patterns from which to choose.

I can’t wait to sew for me!

Do you have any favorite patterns for doubleknits?


17 responses to “Hunting

  1. Colorblocking: I vote for sleeves being accent color! (Or print out the pic and play paper dolls, trying both, and see which you like better.)

  2. I love the V8409 dress, and with a little cami, you’d totally be work appropriate. Or maybe figure out how to undeepen that V? It’s not too terribly difficult an adjustment.

    I love doubleknit! Here’s my first foray into using it, and I’ve got to tell you, it was spectacular to sew and amazing to wear! Like wearing sweats…but work appropriate!

  3. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of that Butterick… There has been a lot of excitement about it out there in blogland (and I got my copy this weekend!) I think you have some fabulous options and I don’t see how you can go wrong!

  4. I love the butterick pattern. The only thing I’ve used doubleknit for is the lining of my sister’s wedding dress, but it was a truly a joy to sew with. Oh yes, and I just bought some doubleknit pants which are my new favorites— so comfortable! I think you’re going to enjoy this project!

  5. I’ve made V8666 already remember? I’m not sure about that pattern…but then again I’m plus size so it might work differently on a normal size chick! I like the Butterick pattern…

  6. soundstitches

    You can easily alter the Vogue neckline — make sure to both sides at once. I think when you see “stable knits” on the fabric recommendations, it’s referring to “double knit.” And, a sewing teacher once told me, “Honey, kids clothing is so inexpensive. If you have little time, sew for YOU!” So I’ve tried, but occasionally get sucked into a kid piece.

  7. How about something classic and basic, with just princess seams?

  8. I love the idea of colorblocking and I agree with the first poster that you should make the sleeves the same color as the accent. That would be great!

    And I sympathize with being mistaken for being pregnant… about a year and a half ago some middle-aged women on the train *insisted* I take their seat… I couldn’t figure out why they were so adamant until I realized they thought I was pregnant. I was wearing a dress that looks a little maternity when I don’t stand up straight, but still. I was 23! I haven’t even had a child! How bad is that?! 😦

  9. Sorry but who the heck asked you when you were due? You certainly don’t like you are pregnant and I saw you recently.

  10. I did a muslin of the last one (V8666) and it was NOT GOOD. WAY too tight for a normal human. Wowza. I really like the first pattern though and haven’t seen that one before.

  11. Oh, and I have another idea for the doubleknit – B5147!! Double knits, being the stable knits they are, can almost substitute for wovens. Whatdya think of that? You could use your TNT but it would have a little more ease being a knit.

  12. I am of the opinion that unless you see a child coming out of the woman’s vagina at that exact moment, you do not ask someone if they are pregnant!

    I was kind of blah about B5522 for double knits until people started making it, and now I dig it. I just can’t figure out the right color combo.
    Black and white=classic but expected
    Black and gray=too subtle?
    Black and red=black widow spider
    Black and yellow=bumblebee
    Possibly black and teal.

    I had not previously noticed V8409 and now I neeeed it. Dangit!

  13. Urgh! On a trip home last year I had not one but two of my inlaws, independently, ask me if I was pregnant (within a one-week timespan). Grr.

    Hooray for sewing for you! I am trying to decide if I want to do Christmas sewing for my nieces. It would be nice, but will basically kill any personal sewing for December.

  14. ‘ButtMcVogue’!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha!! That is AWESOME!!! I love the 2nd dress – so pretty!! I’d love to see it in red or grey on you. Happy sewing!

  15. Oo… very nice pattern choices!! I can’t help you with a double knit pattern… I’ve sewn with it before. 😛 I did just order some so I can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  16. I love all your pattern choices but particularly the Butterick one.
    Anyone who asks if you are pregnant is just plain rude, that’s not a question to ask people.

  17. I would go with Butterick 5559 since it’s a really neat design. 🙂 Or a sheath dress shape since they can be really forgiving in a doubleknit if you line them.

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