Patience is a four letter word

When I was born I was gifted with a voice and pretty much nothing else.  I can be heard far and wide and I can sing.  That’s about it.  I don’t know who handed out the virtues, but I received not one of them.  Patience?  I don’t even know the meaning of the word. 

I am done with the first batch of my super secret surprise (do you guys hate me yet with all this secret stuff?) and will find out tomorrow how it is received.  And I am soooooo ready to start on my next project, the double-knit dress.  I haven’t had a chance yet to raid my pattern stash to see if I already have a suitable pattern yet.  I’m sure I do, but I haven’t had a moment to spare (because of the super secret surprise, bwah hahahaha.  I am truly evil now.). 

Right now, I am waiting.  Not patiently waiting mind you, but impatiently waiting.  I’m tapping my foot.  I am beside myself with wondering if my patterns will arrive soon from ButtMcVogue.  Will my stretch tricot lining arrive early next week from  Will I be able to work on the double-knit dress at all this weekend?

My only solace right now is the knowledge that I am taking a young sewing acolyte friend to the garment district this weekend.  A co-worker of mine is dipping her toes into the world of sewing and needs some notions for her current project.  I am slowly trying to convert all those around me into sewing.  So far, I’ve only ensnared two people.  But I am working on it.  Oh yes, I surely am. 

So as I wait for the postman, what are you working on?

Which reminds me, did you ever see the old movie, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”? 

Did you know that there’s an opera based on it (by Stephen Paulus)?  I sang one of the scenes from the opera once during my masters program.  Very cool stuff.


5 responses to “Patience is a four letter word

  1. Patience is a virtue
    And virtue is Grace
    And Grace is a little girl…who hadn’t any patience!

    I am working on all crafty Xmas presents myself. So nothing to blog about. At least not without spoiling the surprise! Can’t wait to see your top secret items. 🙂

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    I never thought you would be able to keep a secret. This is a first. Now I am very intrigued!

    Love, Mom

  3. Patience is something I have always had a problem with too – Coincidentally I am waiting for the postman too…! 🙂

  4. Wish I could sing— that really is a gift. I’m working on a heavy wool knit motorcycle jacket (almost like a doubleknit, actually) but no sewing this weekend cause we’re taking the baby to meet his great-grandparents. Looking forward to seeing all your projects.

  5. Sewista Fashionista

    Sounds like you have something very big simmering. Can’t wait to see it!

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