Deer in headlights

I bet you’re wondering how my dress is coming along. 



I did make the 2nd muslin on Tuesday night.  I cut it out and sewed it.  In one night.  That’s a record for me.  I usually sew slower than a snail.  If you’ll remember, I had the great idea to make it a size smaller in real muslin, because the sz 14 in a stretchy knit was gargantuan.  Folks, that sz 12 would have made a hoochie mama blush.  I could barely get it over my hips and you could forget about ever zipping it up the back.

It’s not all bad though, for two good realizations came out of this process:

  1. I could reasonably be assured that I can go ahead and make this in a sz 14 in my double-knit fabric and just baste the side seams, fitting as I go.
  2. This dress is gorgeous. 

I absolutely adore this dress.  The cut is very flattering.  I love the pleats going up the bodice, so cute and flattering at the same time.

Now, about those princess seams…  I tried the “clipping the curve” method to get the princess seams not to pucker and gather as I sewed them, but it did not work.  I think the curved part is just too deep a curve.  I might have to flatten that curve a bit.

And my only worry about going straight to the fashion fabric is that I have not muslined the sleeves at all yet.  I’m just going to treat it like I treat making a left hand turn against on-coming, close my eyes, hit the pedal and just go for it.  😉  

image from

Ok, here’s the confession part of the post:  I was going to cut my double-knit last night, but I suffered from the deer in headlights syndrome.  I pre-treated it and it came out all lovely and soft and beautiful and I just got scared to cut into it.  So I did my Xmas cards and laundry instead.  But tonight is another sewing night my friends and this hoochie mama needs a new dress!  I think this might be a two or three night process.  I might get this dress done over the weekend.  We’ll see.  I’m not making any promises. 

One quick question:  I can get kind of obsessive over things at times (shocking to you, I know), and I can’t stop thinking about color blocking.  Do you think I could use a different color knit for the center of the dress (i.e. betweeen the princess seams) or just leave well enough alone and make it in just one color?  Here’s a picture of the envelope to refresh your memory.

Simplicity 2337

Happy sewing everyone!


20 responses to “Deer in headlights

  1. It’s so classic, I’d just do the one color.

  2. Just do the one colour. If you like the fit and the style, you can do a two-colour version after Christmas.

  3. I think one color. This is on my to do list too. Can’t wait to see your final version.

  4. I’m in the one colour camp, too. It’s going to be gorgeous!

    That must be one deep princess seam! I’ve never had the clips NOT work. You sure you made enough of them? Extra deep curves require more clips. That sucker should be laying totally flat without a massive hassle on your part to sew it up. Maybe make your clips at an angle instead of straight on?

    Cut, baby, CUT!!

  5. If you are a snail, I’m not sure where that leaves me. I am the slowest sewista ever.

    I love the idea of the color blocked dress, but if you are doing A, the cross over/ruched version, it may work better in just one fabric. Version B would be super-fabulous color blocked!

  6. Oh dear. Now I have a red-and-green colourblocked version (for Christmas!) stuck in my head.

    I’m torn, here. I like colourblocking, but I agree with the others, a solid colour would be more versatile and long-lasting.

  7. I love your idea of colorblocking. I might just steal that idea from you for View B with a white center panel and black everywhere else. But for the view you’re making, I too would just do the one color, and that way you’ll have more freedom when it comes to accessorizing with scarves, belts, or necklaces. I made this one out of a double knit and skipped the zipper without any problem, just in case you were on the fence about that. What a fantastic pattern!

  8. I think I’d do it all one color too…theres enough visual interest going on with the pleats- It’ll be easier to wear as one color, too.

  9. I like the idea of a solid vs. color blocking for this dress. I feel that the center panel has enough going on with the gathers. I also think that it is more slimming in that area to use all the same color fabric. Just my personal opinion. I love the pattern and think it will look fabulous on you! I don’t know who accused you of being pregnant, but you have a nice body shape. Trying to do a muslin in a woven fabric for a knit dress won’t work well. The knit will “give” where the woven won’t, as you know. I have, in the past, used a cheap knit (I’m talking $1-2 table(s) here) with the same or similar stretch to work up a muslin for a knit pattern. Anxious to see the end result. Good luck!

  10. Sewista Fashionista

    Glad to hear your project is going so well. Can’t wait to see the dress.

  11. Definitely one color for this dress.

  12. Don’t clip the princess seams – steam the heck out of them and apply your clapper to them, they will lay flat after that. But two points…lay a towel under the piece before you clapper the seams…it will lessen some of the impact of seam on the front side of the fabric and two leave the clapper on each portion of the seam for a few minutes before removing it. I use this method all of the time on princess seams.

    …and I agree with everyone else…one color!

  13. One colour for the first dress!

  14. “Deer in the headlights syndrome!” I love it! That’s what I get when I get but so far on a project and then I freeze up, all systems Stop, can’t get back in gear again!

    BTW, I also vote for just one color. Now, get that pedal to the metal, girl …

  15. I would go for one colour in this pattern and save the colourblocking for another dress. Have a good sewing weekend!

  16. For this dress I also think you should stick with one color. Maybe another pattern will lend itself to that idea.

  17. Color blocking can totally be done right now, and I’ve been thinking about it myself lately. The key is to make the side panels darker–think of Mondo’s bubble print dress with the black side panels. Very slimming optical illusion.

  18. Have you tried clipping and then pressing on a ham? Remember they are designed to go over curves! 🙂

    Sew glad you are doing muslins; I think they are essential and completely worth the time. I’m amazed at the number of people who eschew them, and with a vengeance.

  19. Try loosening your tension a little to prevent the puckering. But you still have to clip. And the ham is a good idea. Or steam

  20. Serge a small seam or use the stretch stitch on your machine:
    —/—/—/— it looks like that. Go with God.

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