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Progress on Kwik Sew 3146

I may have mentioned this already, but I had jury duty this week.  My first time ever, and I wasn’t even asked to serve.  I only sat there and read sewing/crafting books.  Poor me, right?  😉 

One of the books I read was David Page Coffin’s Shirtmaking.  It’s a great resource and you should definitely own this book if you ever consider making shirts.  It was highly read-able.  I have a tendency to fall asleep with technical books and I didn’t fall asleep once with this book.  I took some notes while I was reading of things I was surprised to find out among other things: 

  • Iron your shirting fabric, don’t just press it.  Stretch it out in the same direction as the selvedges.
  • Use sew in interfacing not fusible since you wash shirts often.
  • Use a flat fell foot for superior flat fell seams.
  • Insert arms flat and then sew side seams.
  • Match the lightest thread color present in your shirting for your thread.

The first point is something Thea had already mentioned to me when I had problems with my Alhambra clover print fabric.  The sewing the arms flat first thing was a surprise to me as well as the match the lightest thread color.  And actually I disagreed with that last point for my specific fabric print.  I, unfortunately, do not own a flat fell foot as it did not come with my machine, but will consider getting one for the future.  But fortunately, my little boy’s shirt pattern does not require flat felled seams as the seam allowances are only a 1/4 inch, much too small for a flat fell seam finish.  

I had my sewing lesson with Thea last night and we started work on the shirt.  When I cut out the fabric, I cut in a single layer so as to match the print as much as possible.  I am using a check fabric, or is it gingham?  I can’t see what the difference is between the two.  But despite my careful cutting, I still did not get a perfect match.  I’m kind of bummed about that.  The feed dogs just didn’t want me to match I guess.  Not sure what else I can do to counteract this, except to whip out the walking foot.  Any suggestions?   I pinned the heck out of it.  

Matching fronts, left and right, with button placket


back yoke seam, almost matching


As for thread choice, I went with a navy thread even though David Coffin suggests white when white is present.  I just thought it blended better.  Here’s my test swatch. 


So far I have interfaced the parts that needed interfacing, the collar and stand, and the button hole placket.  I used Pam Erny’s interfacing.  I really like her interfacing but can’t speak to competitor stuff as hers is the only kind I have ever used.  For the placket, I probably should have cut the interfacing in half because you double the placket over itself, thereby doubling the interfacing and it became too stiff.  Live and learn. 

I opted not to interface the pocket and am pretty proud of my placement.  It’s perfectly matching on one side, and just a little off on the other.  The topstitching isn’t too bad either, but again, not perfect. 

pocket placement


That’s where I left off last night.  I have to attach the yoke to the fronts now.  Working on that tonight.  Wish me luck! 

Happy sewing everyone.


Un petit peu

Jack and I are en vacance and I had a moment to update you on some completed and gifted projects. The second set of PJ’s were a hit, Jack’s and Baby Haley’s. Here are some fuzzy snaps. I couldn’t get really great pictures with these ever-moving targets!

Baby Haley

Jack saying cheese!

Here’s the first of the two knitting commissions, for a beautiful girl named Hannah. By request, I used the same colorway as the original commission. I think the set turned out nicely. 🙂

Hannah's hat and mittens

I have started on the second (or third if you’re counting) commission but did not bring all the needles with me, so won’t be able to complete while we’re here.  😦   Here’s the hat in progress…

Baby Haley's Hat

It’s a slightly darker (brighter?) colorway than the other hat/mittens.

In other knitting news, I washed Jack’s 2009 Xmas sweater and there was serious damage done. I washed it in cold, with little agitation, and air-dried it. When I looked at it after the sweater had dried, I noticed that the blues had bled into the burgundy areas. I have no idea if this sweater can be saved now. Any thoughts on this from other knitters out there? It’s a cotton and supposedly washable yarn.

Bleeding heart yarn 😦

In sewing news, I have to confess to going through major sewing withdrawals right now. I am seriously jonesing for some fabric in my hands and to hear the whir of my sewing machine. I can’t wait to get home and get started on a project for me. ME. MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I think I’m jumping on the Selfish Seamstress train here. I want to only make things for me for a while.

Happy knitting and sewing to all of you who can do so right now.  I’m jealous!

Kwik Sew 3510 Pattern Review

Kwik Sew 3510

I just uploaded my review on Pattern Review, but here it is here!

Pattern Description:  Toddlers’ pajamas. View A pull-over top has crew neckline with neckband, full length sleeves with cuffs, and front from contrast fabric. Pants have cuffs and elastic in casing at waist. View B pull-over top has crew neckline, short sleeves, and contrast fabric lettuce edged ruffles at neckline, sleeves and bottom edge. Shorts have elastic in casing at waist and leg openings.  I made view A for both the girls and boys.

Pattern Sizing: T1-T4.  I made three sizes, T2-T4.  All were pretty dead on for sizing. 

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes, even better as I used really cute fabrics. (if I do say so myself)  😉 

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Very easy!  I am pattern reading challenged and I understood these from beginning to end on the first read. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I liked the sturdy pattern paper (this is my first KS pattern).  I liked the simplicity of the pattern and the clear instructions.  The PJ’s are less fitted than RTW, but I like that.   I also liked that you can almost completely construct this garment on your serger, which I did, except for the hem of the shirt and the waist of the pants.  I also managed to serge some pins.  I hope my serger knife is still ok.  😦

No dislikes at all!  🙂

Fabric Used:  I used cotton knits from The Fabric Fairy for the prints and for the cuffs/contrast pieces, I used a ribbed cotton knit from  I loved the super softness of the boy’s tools fabric.  The girl’s hearts print was less soft, but still soft.  I bought other prints as well, but didn’t use them… yet! 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I did not make any alterations to the patterns. 

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?  DEFINITELY.  I made this up four times already (one for each of the kids in my extended family and my own son for Xmas).  I plan on making my son’s jammies from now on.  One caveat, it’s not cheaper than buying them from the Gap or Old Navy, but the satisfaction that you made them yourself for your loved one can’t be beat.  

Conclusion:  This is a great basic pattern.  The star in this pattern is the fabric choice and the child in the PJ’s of course.  I loved making these and will do so again and again.  It’s not as fast a project as I thought, but I am a beginner and still a little on the slow side.  For an experienced sewist, this should be a 1-2 hour project from cutting to finish.  It took me an average of 3 hours for each of the four I made due to various user errors I made.  😉 

Now for some pics.  I am repeating Katie’s and Thor’s pictures because they are so stinking cute.  And I will have pics of Jack and Haley after our trip to San Diego.  I also have some close up shots. 

Thor saying "Cheese!"

Katie looking super duper cute!

Haley's PJ's, neck closeup

interior of PJ top

PJ Pants with elasticized waist

Closeup of elasticized waist

The best I could do with the stretch stitch

As you can see above, the stretch stitch is a little wonky still.  After the trouble I was having with it two nights ago, this is markedly better.  Not sure why it’s still not even though.  I took the suggestions of the commenters  and Karen, and changed my needle, rethreaded the machine and bobbin as well as cleaned out the bobbin case and it started working again.  The weird thing though was that the bobbin case didn’t even look dirty or dusty.  Strange!  

Anyway, I am really pleased with how the jammies came out and am super proud to give them as presents this Xmas.  I loved seeing Katie, Thor and Jack in their jammies and can’t wait to see Haley in hers.  I haven’t even started Haley’s hat and mittens set yet, so I am a little stressed about that, but tonight’s another crafting night, so at least I’ll get started.  

I have one or two posts planned over the next week even though Jack and I will be traveling to San Diego to visit my family over the holidays.  When we get back, I have so much sewing I want to do and none of it is SWAG (aka Sewing With A Grudge — stolen from The Selfish Seamstress).  🙂

Happy Holidays to you all!  I wish you lots of fabric and yarn and the time to sew and knit with it. 


What’s my problem?

I am suddenly having problems with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine. I’ve tried fiddling with the tension in both directions, changing the pressure of the presser foot, and using a walking foot but my stitches are still irregular. Can anyone tell me why or suggest anything else I can do?


I’ve made three of these pj’s so far and this is the last one.  I needed to finish this last set tonight and now I am behind schedule.  I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. 


Sneak PJ peek

Writing this quockie post on my iPhone as a test and to give you a sneak peek of a couple of the pj’s I made. They were already given as we are traveling over Xmas and so is my sister. So here’s couple of photos…

That’s me!

So many people forwarded this NYT article to me today.  It could have been written by me it was so similar to my sewing experience thus far: my new machine, my sewing failures, my grandiose ambitions and dreams.  I guess this means sewing has hit the big time again if it’s showing up in random places in the NY Times now.    It’s a very funny article. 

In knitting and sewing news:

My head is not so big after completing my trench coat that I am just lying around eating bonbons.  I have been knitting and will soon be sewing.  I am still working on my two knitting commissions (one is done already) and I got into my fool head that I could sew up some pj’s for Xmas for the kids in the family.  And so for the next week, give or take a couple of days, I am running a sweatshop out of my apartment with nary an elf in sight.

Here’s the pattern I’m using for the pj’s, Kwik Sew 3510

Kwik Sew 3510

It comes in sizes 1T-4T.  I will be making 2 sets of the 2T and one 3T and one 4T.  I bought the cutest fabrics!  But you’ll have to wait until I actually give the gifts to see them.  At least one of the parents of the recipients might be reading this post.  Well at least she better be, being my sister and all.  😉  This pattern says it’s a Kwik Serge pattern, so here’s to hoping this is a quick and easy project. 

I’ll post pictures of the commissions as soon as they’re gifted.  Don’t want to ruin the surprises!

Happy knitting and sewing!