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Stash 201

Okey dokey!  Here’s the rest of my stash…chiffon-and-silk

Pic number 1 has the silk chiffons, two prints and one solid with rippled effect.  The plan is to make blouses with these chiffons.  Oh, in case you were wondering, purple is one of my favorite colors.knit-and-knit-lining

Pic number 2 has a beautiful black and white fan print knit with the accompanying white knit lining.  In the photo, it looks like a cream color, but in real life, it’s really white.  This knit is destined to be a wrap dress for this summer!stretch-cotton

Pic number 3 is the cotton stretch woven with an alhambra print in black and white.  It was one of the first fabrics I bought back in August 2008.  Back before I knew that matching prints is a PITA…  Oh and it has this nice sateen finish.  This fabric screams skirt to me.wool-crepe

Last pic is of a plain black crepe of medium weight.  Not really interesting to look at on the screen, but it has a really nice hand.  I am going to make a jumper out of this one for next fall.  It was supposed to be made over this past winter, but the best laid plans….

Two things to note:  1st, all of these fabrics were bought from Kashi at Metro Textile between August of 2008 and now.  2nd, I can’t believe that this is all I have in the stash.  I thought I had so much more.  I guess that means I have to go shopping.  A girl has to have a respectable stash, does she not?  How else is someone supposed to go stash shopping??? 

Happy sewing and fabric shopping….

ETA on 3/18:  By the way, for some reason $76  is my magic number at Kashi’s.  I never seem to leave there without spending exactly $76 dollars; no more, no less.  Why is that?  Do other NYC metro area people find this happens to them as well?