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A public service announcement

Do you see that big X on my new suit skirt’s vent?  What do you think it’s there for?

  • If you said it is an embroidered embellishment, YOU’RE WRONG!
  • If you said it is to keep your vent closed for modesty’s sake, YOU’RE WRONG!
  • If, instead, you said it’s to keep the skirt looking nice in the store and that one should remove the stitching after purchasing the skirt so that you can wear the skirt as it is meant to be worn, well then, YOU ARE CORRECT!!!

My friends, I can’t tell you how many times every week, I see some poor deluded soul with their skirt or coat vents still stitched up.  I just can’t believe that A) no one has told them to remove the stitching, and B) that they actually think it’s supposed to remain there. 

So, please pass along this apparently much-needed service announcement to as many people as possible.  We have an epidemic on our hands!!!

P.S.  If you deduced that I bought a RTW suit recently by the picture above,  you’re correct.  I really needed a brown suit in my wardrobe since apparently I’m still a growing girl (unfortunately).  And I found the perfect brown suit at Ann Taylor recently.  It went on sale, so I just snapped it up.  Since I haven’t perfected a TNT suit jacket yet and don’t have time to do so right now, I had to buy a suit.  This is, in my opinion, a perfect suit for me.  It’s fitted without being tight, has great yet subtle seam details, and is very slimming.  I have discovered that 2 or 3 button suit jackets are the way to go with a larger bust.  1 button jackets don’t give you waist definition and just plain make you look 20 lbs heavier than you are.  (How do I know this?  Because my last two suit purchases were 1 button jackets.  Argh!)  I feel really great in my new suit today.  🙂


Just popping in to say…

I hemmed my suit pants today by hand.  It’s been bugging me that my brown suit pants’ hem was coming apart the last few weeks.  Ordinarily, I would send it to the cleaners to have the tailor there fix it.  But now that I know how to sew hems by hand, that would just be silly wouldn’t it? 

It’s such an ordinary thing, hemming pants, but I found it so empowering that I knew how to do it so professionally.  I am quite proud of myself I have to say.  I love this new interest of mine.  I love making things and then being able to wear them.  LOVE. IT.

Anyway, I just had to share my simple pleasure.

Stay tuned for the final post on my navy capris tomorrow.

Happy hemming!

Why I don’t like my Burberry trenchcoat

I love the classic look of Burberry and was really excited to buy my Burberry trenchcoat.  At the time (this was about 4 years ago), I hadn’t an inkling of my future sewing interest and knew nothing about well made clothes.  For some reason, I thought, because it was a Burberry coat, that it would be well-made.  Now I know better. 

full view

At the time of purchase, there were details I loved: the close fitting bodice, the belt, the pleats.  But now, some of those very same features are the ones that bother me the most: the close fitting bodice and the pleats.  In addition, two other “design details” are quite irksome: the famous Burberry lining and the high waist of this particular style. 


  The lining is not slippery at all (except for the sleeves) so this coat “sticks” to everything I wear.  Why would you put in a non-slippery lining???  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  The high waist on me is not very flattering; my ribcage is the widest part of my torso from all the years of singing, so why I bought a coat with a high waist is a mystery.  The belt sits on this high waist, so I can’t even cinch a more flattering waist on me.  😦  The close fitting bodice makes wearing suits to work uncomfortable. 





The pleats, which look so darling when freshly pleated, become  more unpleated with each wearing, partly due to the non-slippery lining I suspect.  This coat wrinkles like you wouldn’t believe and looks rumpled in 5 minutes of wearing.  And now to the innards…  The stupid lining hangs free from the coat and sticks to my clothes. 



hem and side seam

The seam allowances are serged with a plastic thread which breaks easily and is down right annoying.  The hem’s seam allowance is so wide that it flops down and is sometimes visible below the hem.  It just doesn’t look as nice on the inside as I think it should for as much as it cost.  Am I just being picky here?


 The sleeve lining is slippery at least.  And the buttonholes are nice.  sleeve











Anyway, I just thought some of you might enjoy seeing a Burberry disappointment up close and personal.  So now I need a new trenchcoat… preferably one that skims the body and with a slippery lining.  Am I going to make it?  I think not, because remember: I’m the stupid person who serged a sleeve with the seam on the outside.  I don’t think I can be trusted with a complex project like a trenchcoat.  😦