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Just a Reminder

that I am no longer updating this blog and have moved my content to SEWN.  I have noticed that people are still subscribing to this old blog’s feed and I don’t want you to be disappointed when there are no updates here. 

Please come see the exciting stuff happening at SEWN!

New Home!!!

Happy new year!!!!

For the brand new year, I have a brand new name and home for my blog, SEWN.

I hope you will join me there from now on to follow me on the next chapter in my sewing life.  I will no longer be posting on this site, but will keep it up for a while.  Please add the above link to your RSS feed or reader to keep getting my latest posts.

See you over at SEWN!

Still sick

Man, these pre-school germs are powerful bugs!  I’m still down for the count.  Getting far behind in my Xmas sewing. 

Just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know I’m still here.  I’m not dead yet.

Hope you’re all healthy!

Still here, but…

I had a minor catastrophe with Thor’s shirt and my serger.  It stopped me in my tracks for a while, but I think it’s pretty minor and will not be noticed in the end. 

However, momma needs a new dress for Friday (I’ll tell you why afterwards — don’t want to spoil the surprise) so I am going to revisit Simplicity 3678 again.  But this time with a killer border print and using view B’s (top right) sleeves.  I will again take out the back gathers and I am going to try to take out some of the maternity look inducing front gathers.  As Karen and Carolyn know, I have been racking my brains and my pattern stash for a new knit dress pattern.  However, I kept coming back to the sleeves on this pattern and because I have made it 2.5 times before, I hope it will be a quick and fast project.  *fingers crossed*

Simplicity 3678

this one?

or this one???

Keep me in your thoughts tonight and tomorrow night.  Happy sewing everyone!


After my last few muslin travesties, my mojo has disappeared.  And on top of that the Olympics have been grabbing my attention every evening.  I have SWAG (ala Selfish Seamstress) to sew, but even that has not spurred me to sew.  Also my parents are visiting as well, so even more distractions. 

So I am here to say I am not here.  Please stay tuned, I’ll be back. 

I promise!

I hope your sewing mojo is in full force.


Jack and I are officially on vacation.  I am wearing my pants on the flight today so we’ll see how they after a full day of traveling.  Wish me luck on surviving a 6 hour flight with a toddler.

I am sans blackberry until I start my new job next week, so I am going to be unplugged this week.  I haven’t been this unconnected since the early 90’s.  I might go into withdrawal.  My parents have a computer, but we’re visiting, so it wouldn’t be nice to be on their computer the whole time, now would it. 

Anyway, I will catch up with all of you when I return.  I’ve heard the withdrawals from the sewing world are brutal.  I hope I survive.

Have a great sewing week!

Not resting on my laurels…

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo.  It started with a busy week, and then life got in the way and now I’m on night two of nothing but time, but not a mojo in sight.  What does sewing mojo look like anyway?

Not sure what this means…

Part of it is I am bummed that it’s taking so long to work my pant sloper into capri pants.  It’s not as simple as I thought it would be.  Another reason is the fan/gingko black and white print knit I wanted to use for the DVF wrap dress needs to be lined and that’s just not practical with a wrap dress.  So I have to use a different fabric, but I had my heart set on that one.  Then I thought I would make up the simplicity dress again, but I”m just not feeling it.  argh!!!

Anyway, that’s why I’ve disappeared.  I hope it returns soon.  If anyone has any to spare, send some mojo over here please! 

I hope others have happy sewing.